October 19, 2021

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Zimbabwe opens bars to fully vaccinated people

Zimbabwe has announced that the bars are now open to the public.

This was announced Tuesday by the Minister of Information, Advertising and Radio and Television Services Monica Mutsvangwa.

“All licensed bars can now be open to fully vaccinated customers” sadi Mutsvangwa speaking to the media. “The owners of the bars are also required to guarantee the application of the Covid19 protocols and guidelines, in case of non-compliance with which the licenses will be withdrawn”.

Bars had been closed since March 2020 as the government battled the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why is this important?

After the official ban on bars, well, some bars have opened, either pretending to be a food space by putting food here and there, or just gangster stuff by paying cops to stay open.

What this does is provide a framework in which an important part of the economy.

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