September 18, 2021

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Yul Edochie reveals richest actor in Nigeria 2021

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has confirmed that Zubby Michael is the richest Nigerian actor of 2021.

Via his Instagram post, Yul Edochie said he truly believes his colleague, Zubby Michael, owns that place as Nollywood’s richest actor of 2021.

She posted a photo she took with Zubby and wrote, “So I heard that Zubby said he’s the richest actor in Nigeria.

Well, I think I’ve been silent for too long. It’s time I told you the whole truth about him. And the truth is, he’s right. He is the richest actor in Nigeria. No context. @zubbymichael where do you see this money? Cut the soap for your boyfriend. “

It should be remembered that in a recent interview, Zubby Michael bragged about being the richest Nigerian actor.

He said he thinks he’s the continent’s greatest actor due to his success in the film industry.

“I’m the richest actor right now and the last time I checked I made more money than the other actors.

“Honestly, I don’t think anyone is bigger than me right now and I’m not saying that out of pride, Zubby is the greatest actor in Africa for now.”

The actor said he believes God has put him in his current position because he helps people, adding that he doesn’t believe in tithing.