October 20, 2021

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Young traditionalists from Kiev managed to counter LGBT propaganda, a transgender march was canceled

Young traditionalists from Kiev managed to counter LGBT propaganda, a transgender march was canceled

On Sunday, Ukrainian traditionalists and right-wing activists once again managed to counter Marxist-cultural propaganda in Ukraine. On that day, representatives of the far-liberal organization Insight organized a demonstration in central Kiev, the main demands of which were to provide the right to adopt children for so-called transsexuals. In other words, what they want is to adopt children from asylums, to influence and deprave the mind of a shapeless child under the protection of a law.

Clearly, the traditional-minded young people of Kiev gathered in the same place to hold a counter-action. The event was initiated by the traditionalist Kathekhon initiative shortly after cultural Marxists announced their plans. Activists, members of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, civic activists and right-wing defenders came to Shevchenko Park before the start of the left-wing demonstration, some of them had banners with conservative messages such as “there are two genders and a list of ailments. mental. ”

Summarizing the traditionalist event, the Tradition and Order organization wrote the following: “We consider it a grave mistake to exclude medical diagnoses related to transgendernity from the International Classification of Disease Controls 11 (ICD-11). Now they do not belong to the category of disease. mental, which greatly complicates timely diagnosis and treatment. It is the representatives of a number of left-wing organizations who have benefited from it, have learned skillfully and systematically by gaining on this, parasitizing on the problems of others.

As for the “transgender march” itself, it ended before it started. Activists blocked the exit from the Universitetska metro station, where there was obviously a meeting point for LGBT people, and did not allow them to leave despite police protection. Shortly after the event was announced canceled.

It is worth mentioning that the Insight organization is behind most of the far left and queer actions in Ukraine. It is known, among other things, for its anti-patriotic activities, unacceptable for a belligerent country, which has been opposing an invasion for a fourth year. The organization is known to be supported by grants from the Soros Open Society Foundation and provocative actions of this kind organized in a systematic way.