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WordPress Consulting Services: Pricing and Cons

WordPress Consulting Services: Pricing and Cons

WordPress consulting services are popular with businesses across all industries because WordPress is a hugely popular platform. About 40% of all websites in the world are built with it. It is the fastest growing CMS with a 64% share among other platforms.

A WordPress consultant is an expert who can help a business get closer to building websites holistically. Such a professional can help both those who want to build a platform from scratch and those who need SEO advice, marketing funnels, and better overall performance.

Professional WordPress consulting helps in all aspects of a web presence, from strategy architecture to specific design and plug-ins. While WordPress seems simple enough, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to use effectively.

WordPress consulting services include all phases of the project and help make the most of what the solution has to offer in terms of security, productivity and performance.

WordPress core stack

Comprehensive WordPress advice is needed to create something truly unique. A website must be not only functional but representative of the brand and its values. Such an expert has both hard and soft skills to design a strategy that works best for each particular client. WordPress consulting also deals with the basic languages ​​used in this solution, such as:

  • HTML. It is a markup technology used for the layout and design of a page, mainly text on it. It is necessary for titles, tables, paragraphs and their appearance on the page.
  • CSS. This is a more advanced language that also takes care of layout where HTML can’t help. It allows you to implement changes to all pages at the same time, which is essential for continuity. And it’s also essential for sidebars, boxes, and other more complex site features.
  • PHP. It is an HTML-based scripting language. It is what is enhanced by HTML and usually not seen by the user.
  • MySQL. A WordPress consultant will need for database management.
  • JavaScript. It is a widely used scripting language in web development consulting. It is used to make pages interactive.

When hiring a WordPress consultant, it is important to check if the professional has essential and transversal skills. This position also requires attention to detail, analytical thinking, communication, and a problem-solving approach.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Consultant

WordPress consulting has many benefits to offer, from the site layout to its performance. Here are the features a consultant can help with a client:

  • Design the site architecture. It is especially important for those who don’t know where to start, which hosting or plug-in to use, and how to make sure the site is running smoothly.
  • Site performance analysis. Professionals consulting WordPress users can help with the security and speed of the platform. They know how to make load times shorter, pages more attractive, and the customer experience smooth and easy.
  • SEO performance. Consultants can also advise and help with SEO and site ranking on Google. Starting with analyzing and implementing best practices, it can help attract more visitors and loyal customers.
  • Conversions. This includes everything related to landing pages, copywriting, and improving your site’s conversion numbers.
  • Social media and email marketing. A WordPress consultant can help build an email list and attract new visits from different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A comprehensive WordPress consultation consists of increasing the technical performance of a site and enhancing its marketing and SEO potential.

Salary rates of the WordPress consultant

To estimate the average salary for WordPress consultants and developers, you need to consider several factors. Rates are influenced by experience, type of project, skill level and, of course, location.

Many companies choose to outsource their IT projects to specialists in different countries because it is much cheaper. And it also gives you access to talent that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Here are the salaries for WordPress developers and consultants in 5 countries for comparison.

  • USA – $ 42.6 per hour
  • UK – $ 60.80 per hour
  • Germany – $ 72.03 per hour
  • Switzerland – $ 50.21 per hour
  • Ukraine – $ 35 *

* Ukrainian rates are based on data from our internal recruiting team

The choice between remote and in-house hiring depends on the project and the company. But if it’s not a long-term task, it’s probably much more profitable to outsource.

How to hire the right WordPress consultant

When looking for a suitable expert for your particular projects, it is important to consider several factors.

1. Education and experience. See how long they have been working in this field and how their education matches the task. The most experienced professionals stay on top of technology and all updates and know best practices.

2. Involvement in the WordPress community. WordPress is known for its community and joint effort to make the solution even better. A great specialist will be involved in conferences, events, blogs and creation sites. They can also create and release their own plugins or themes.

3. Portfolio. The next step is to analyze their previous work. It is always a huge advantage if the professional has worked with other clients in the same industry. It means there is a better understanding of all the specifics. See which websites have been improved or created with the help of this consultant. If you like it, that’s a great sign.

It is also important to ask questions regarding the technological scope of the project and analyze the advice given by a consultant.

Mobilunity – Ukrainian Outstaffing Company

Mobilunity has been helping companies around the world find the perfect IT professionals for over 10 years. Whether you are interested in Magento consulting services, WordPress development or cloud solution, we can find a dedicated team or expert for you. We are proud to have helped more than 40 companies to hire developers and consultants based on their needs. Among our clients are Camptocamp (Switzerland), Zenchef (France), Byg-E (Denmark), 3E Joueur (Canada) and many others.

We have also helped to successfully release several WordPress projects. For example, consultants and developers created a sports website linked to the mobile app for a small business. It is a highly effective and cost effective project. We helped create a custom WordPress car rental template and computer website template.

The Mobilunity team will give you access to the best Ukrainian IT talent to take your business to a new level of success.

Do you want to hire a WordPress consultant for your project? Contact Mobilunity!