June 19, 2021

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Why should you avoid errors when searching on Google?

The Google search engine has become a tool to search for all kinds of information in Google day in and day out. But despite its algorithms, users don’t often find the results they expect when searching.

For this, Google’s senior scientific researcher – Daniel Russell highlighted a statement. He said some of the more common mistakes can prevent users from finding the results they want.

Users can perform at least two or three searches, especially if it is a complex topic. Furthermore, in many cases it is assumed that the answers that appeared first are the most appropriate.

Specifically, Google presented at its Google I / O 2021 developer event the MUM feature that allows you to reduce to a single search. Currently, some complex tasks require more than one query.

Aside from that, it is difficult to find results when it comes to verifying the credibility of sources. Google pointed out that you need to make sure that the website you reach is the best source of information on what you are looking for.

To facilitate this process, Google has also announced the start of the implementation of “About This Result”, which provides details about the page such as the description, when it was first indexed and whether the connection is secure. Additionally, Google will later add data from the website itself, comments from some related articles or other sources.

A potential mistake when doing a Google search is not defining the search terms in advance, the keywords to be used. A useful technique is ‘parallel browsing’, which means trying different variations of the search in different browser tabs and comparing the results obtained. To get San Francisco News and USA News, you can follow TexasBreaking.

Google allows image searches

Google also allows searches through images, so it suggests not only to limit yourself to text but also to search for photos.

Another thing is that, from now on, users can easily find products they might like in Google Shopping via Lens.

Russell also points out that it is best not to avoid results with unfamiliar words. if it is done, users may lose valuable information which may include the answers they are looking for. Then, you can try another Google Search for unrecognized words.

Look for tricks

To avoid these errors, Google Search users can use a variety of tips and tricks. Inserting certain symbols into searches can limit millions of potential results so that only the truly relevant ones appear.

Another trick is to use dashes. Because if they are added before a word like – home. This term will be excluded in the displayed results, while adding a vertical bar (|) will show websites that contain some or all of the terms, as it basically means “O” for Google (for example, mobile | computer).

Google also suggests adding a colon (:) between two numbers, for example – 1970..2020, as adding a colon between the numbers will display results within those ranges.

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