October 19, 2021

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Why might Angel’s clothing style not change?

Kingspar Exchange

Angel Smith became an interesting character and personality to talk about when she took to the bbnaija stage wearing a skimpy dress that made people wonder if it was a case of a wardrobe malfunction. However, it turned out to be her way of dressing as we could observe.

Credit: Instagram / Angel Smith

Coming out of the bbnaija’s house to answer some questions about her activities at home, Angel in the “Show Max Buzz” interview with Toke Makinwa yesterday revealed something that probably explains why her dressing style may not be subject to change or considerably change despite criticism.

Credit: Instagram / Angel Smith

The point

Explaining to Toke Makinwa during the “Show Max, The Buzz” interview why she showered in the same bathroom with the male roommates while at home, Angel pointed out that she is comfortable in her body and does not attribute the its value to his body.

Credit: Show Max

Angel’s point also explained why her clothing style may not change despite criticism. If bathing in the same bathroom with male roommates reduces its value and value, then appearing in revealing clothes won’t even make a hole in its worth.

Credit: Instagram / Angel Smith

With Angel’s point, we can simply understand that women shouldn’t be measured or judged by what they wear or what they decide to do with their bodies.

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