October 16, 2021

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Why is there suddenly a severe shortage of workers around the world?

The unprecedented employment crisis we are seeing unfolding around the world is so bizarre that it could have come straight out of an episode of At the Edge of Reality. For the first time in recorded history, there is an extremely severe shortage of workers in nations around the planet. When this shortage began to emerge earlier this year, I thought it was very strange, because 2020 was a year in which we had seen unemployment skyrocket in the United States and other Western nations. In fact, some 70 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last year. Not long ago we had vast hordes of jobless people, and now we are suddenly faced with the greatest labor shortage in history?

Something is not right.

When I wrote my most recent article on labor shortages, some people wrote to me and blamed the Biden administration for what we are seeing.

And it is certainly true that the actions taken by the Biden administration have further exacerbated the labor shortage in the United States.

But the Biden administration is not the reason there is an extremely severe shortage of workers literally across the planet. In Vietnam, for example, there are so few workers that the government actually sent the army to help with the rice harvest …

Around the world, a shortage of workers is shaking food supply chains.

In Vietnam, the army is watching the rice harvest. In the UK, farmers are unloading milk because there are no truckers picking it up. Brazilian Robusta coffee beans took 120 days to harvest this year, instead of the usual 90. And American meat producers are trying to attract new employees with Apple Watch as fast food chains raise prices for burgers and burritos.

Why aren’t there enough people to do these jobs?

We have never seen anything like it before.

Considering the horrendous unemployment crisis that gripped much of the world during the early stages of this pandemic, one would think there should be colossal pools of desperate workers that large corporations can choose from at this point.

But instead, it’s almost as if an untold number of low-paid workers have simply disappeared.

Certainly some types of workers are much more important to the basic functioning of the global economy than other types of workers.

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For example, the world would be fine if there was a severe shortage of actors and actresses.

But if there aren’t enough people to grow, work and transport our food, that’s a huge problem, and that’s what we’re currently facing …

Whether it’s fruit pickers, slaughterhouse workers, truckers, warehouse workers, cooks or waiters, the global food ecosystem is collapsing due to staff shortages. Supplies are hit and some employers are forced to raise wages at a double-digit pace. This is threatening to push food prices, already heated by soaring raw materials and transportation costs, even higher. Prices in August rose 33% from the same month last year, according to an index compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Unfortunately, the shortages and price increases will eventually get much worse.

I can’t remember another time from the dawn of history where the whole world has ever faced something like this.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

All over the world, we are told that food shortages are caused simply because there are not enough people to do the work …

Shortages are affecting farms, processors and restaurants alike. Malaysia, the world’s second largest producer of palm oil, has lost about 30% of the potential production of the edible oil used in everything from chocolate to margarine. Shrimp production in South Vietnam, one of the world’s leading exporters, has fallen from 60% to 70% compared to before the pandemic. And a fifth of tomato production in southern Italy was lost this year, due to the scorching heat and transport paralysis, according to the CIA farmers’ association.

Before the pandemic, there was never a time when we didn’t have enough workers to do the basic tasks that needed to be done.

Indeed, many nations around the world were constantly facing huge problems with rampant unemployment.

But now the pandemic has arrived and suddenly all our unemployment problems have been solved?

I don’t understand why this isn’t raising a red flag for more people.

Here in the US, if you want a job you certainly have plenty to choose from these days.

In response to the article I posted a few days ago, one of my readers sent me an email describing what conditions are like in one part of Illinois …

Where have all the people gone? When you drive down the freeway in Fairview Heights and Swansea, Illinois, there are signs on either side, it’s now hiring. Fazoli’s, an Italian fast food restaurant, has a sign indicating that they pay up to $ 15 an hour. Domino’s is looking for employees, Sparkle Car Wash, a rental business, and many more within a two or three block area. Panera Bread Company has signs posted outside which have closed early now due to a lack of employees. The food products on our grocery shelves are dwindling and are never being replaced. Some of the food has expired. I noticed that when I was trying to buy butter from Aldi’s, it had the same expiration date as months ago. They put out the expired butter and left it out to sell in the refrigerator. Same thing from Schnuck, you have to be careful and check the expiration dates. Much of their food has expired or is about to expire very soon.

At a time when basic services are collapsing due to a lack of workers, the Biden administration has decided to make matters worse by imposing new offensive warrants on tens of millions of workers.

With these new mandates going into effect, we may soon see things we have never seen before in our country’s history.

For example, it is predicted that nearly half of the entire police force in the city of San Diego may soon be forced to quit their jobs …

A rather notable situation in San Diego that we may see unfolding in the rest of the nation. The police union, The San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA), asked its members about the vaccination mandate.

65 percent of respondents said they would consider dropping out of the police if the city were to enforce a requirement. However, an alarming 45 percent said they’d rather be fired than stick to the mandate.

The SDPOA has 1,971 members. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, half of those officers are not vaccinated. If that half of the entire police department were to be fired for non-compliance with the vaccination warrant, the city of San Diego would be in a very inaccurate place.

The path the Biden administration has decided to take is absolutely insane.

As dozens of skilled workers leave their posts, the problems we are facing right now could reach a whole new level.

But the United States is only one piece of the overall puzzle.

Everywhere in the world there are alarming labor shortages and we are told that this is a crisis that will not be resolved anytime soon.

So, again, there is a very simple question I need to ask.

Where have all the people gone?

This is a story of monumental importance, and hardly anyone is dealing with it.

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