October 25, 2021

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Why do couples choose the perfect surrogacy and what makes it special?

Why do couples choose the perfect surrogacy and what makes it special?

I decided to write this article to be honest about what we do and how it affects our lives and the lives of our customers.

First of all, I want to say that we like to be a coordination center, because this is the best reflection of our collaboration with the designated parents during the process. We are a personal guide and friend at every stage, from the beginning to the end of the process. It is not just a question of money, but of the quality of the services. The word “service” has a very special meaning to us – service equals “care”. Our couples say they don’t even feel like they are having a business meeting or being in a serious stressed activity, they say they want to take a vacation with good friends. It happens because we don’t feel like working, we feel like helping and we receive the most positive emotions and satisfactions from what we do. Every person on our team, from the director to the driver, is people who like what they do.

We are among the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine due to the correct understanding of the problem. The right combination of care and experience places us among the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine in terms of the best quality of service with the lowest cost of surrogacy.

The “difficult to choose” situation

As surrogacy and in vitro fertilization business is quite profitable today, each year brings new fledgling agencies to choose from and it becomes more and more difficult for aspiring parents to make a right decision. A decision that will lead them to success quickly, without too much stress and at a fair price. The hardest part of that decision is the point of trust. Obviously, you can’t trust every advertisement or slogan. You cannot trust everything that is said or written in such an important case. And it is extremely difficult to learn, compare and analyze everything. The amount of information is huge! Many couples work their way through tons and tons of forum pages to get to the center under the layers of advertising promises and win a few battles inside to finally begin their search for a new life. We know how difficult it is and we know what some promises are worth. There are many new agencies with no real experience and no deep understanding of the work who pretend to be experts just to make money in a newly discovered field of business. In addition, even some good old ones are no longer able to maintain their quality standards. As we have been working in this field for many years, we regularly hear stories that piss us off at some clinics and agencies and feel sorry for their clients. What makes Perfect Surrogacy outstanding among all the others? We already have some detailed articles on our website on this subject, but if we get to the essence, the short answer would be “quality over quantity”, “real goals” and “specialists versus clinics”.

Quality more than quantity

It may sound crazy, but I have decided to keep the flow of our customers low. 5-7 customers per month maximum. That’s why all emails and questions are answered very quickly. We are not constantly looking for the quantity of customers and money, because we think that it will inevitably degrade the quality of the services. We want to keep things simple and under control. We want to establish an easy and perfect plan for each client’s fertility journey! We can and we do! We are constantly looking for things that can still be improved. That’s why our organization is called Perfect Surrogacy! That’s why I founded it and will do everything to keep it that way. Almost every job or activity is ultimately all about people. You need the right people to do the right things the right way. In this case, experience and inner goals are what really matter! Our managers are like all-in-one specialists in the field of in vitro fertilization and surrogacy! In most situations, they don’t need to ask anyone to answer any questions. So far we have no plans to get bigger and attract more customers. Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center does not use paid advertising at all. We don’t advertise on the internet, we don’t even promote our website. Our customers come from referrals from their doctor, from a friend’s recommendation or from finding us in Google search, directly from our website or YouTube channel. Reputation is everything. Good reviews and personal advice can work wonders! We will not expand until we are sure that quality does not degrade, until we are sure that we have enough right people with the right experience and motivation.

Real goals

There is nothing wrong with making money. After all, you can’t live without it and it’s okay to get a reward for your work, but when the need for money comes first, as a top priority it often (if not always) makes matters worse. Any work depends a lot on it. The results and the process depend a lot on this, we can see this by looking at some of our competitors. Personally, I deeply believe that, for the sake of everything, the priorities here must be different. It is always better when one loves what he does, when he is passionate about it and when his work makes him happy. It is best when he makes money by doing something he loves. Not only the result, but also the process. I think it’s the only perfect way to do a good job. I love what I do, I am happy to help my clients and I feel like a happy, mighty winged angel, capable of doing everything and more when I communicate to my clients the good and long awaited news about their newborn! I am happy when I see children growing up on the photos my clients send me and I am proud to have been part of their story. I am proud of what I do more when there is nothing that could be done better and so are my colleagues. This is our real primary goal. To make every client’s fertility journey successful, easy and enjoyable, and to do it better than anyone else. We love what we do, we know our goal is true.

Clinic specialists

Probably the most popular questions we get are “Which Ukrainian surrogacy clinic are you working with?” People usually look for well-known and popular clinics with good reviews and reputation. Obviously that’s the right thing to do, but the reality is a little more complicated. There are many good clinics, with good equipment and management, but what really matters here and impacts the most on success are the specialists. In any job it’s always about the people at the end. After all, it was these specialists who made those clinics popular and successful. And specialists sometimes change their jobs for some reason. For example: a good doctor has been working in some reproductive clinic for some time and makes a good success rate for this clinic, this fertility clinic becomes famous, but this doctor goes to another facility or opens their own reproductive center. Now you can understand why our practice and experience led us to the decision to work with the best specialists in the first place. In the field of in vitro fertilization or surrogacy one can never say about its success with the name of the clinic, but we can say it with the name of the doctor! Among our doctors there are the best specialists, such as reproductive professors of international level. Their experience and professional level are priceless! We are interested in working with such professionals. Think about this: it is quite favorable for us to work only with the best, because we are extremely interested in a high IVF success rate for our clients. We want every program to be successful!

Thanks to my work I have the opportunity to communicate with a significant number of interesting and extraordinary people from all over the world, relying on their dream! It is not inspiring when a totally unknown person tells you after an hour of communication: “I trust you, you seem to know what you are doing”. In this moment, you understand that it was worth it, all the hard work and emotions you are putting into the process.

I wish all readers and future parents happy holidays and best wishes for the new year 2018!

Best regards,

Anna and the Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center team.

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