October 25, 2021

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Who are the biggest criminals?

Everyone agrees that we have a big problem with crime in this nation. But when we talk about “crime”, are we all talking about the same thing? Normally, when most of us think of “crime” what comes to mind is rampant violence on the streets of our cities. As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, the FBI just released the final numbers for 2020 and they showed that the murder rate has increased by about 29%. This was the largest one-year increase in U.S. history by a very large margin, and law enforcement authorities are warning the numbers for this year will show another huge leap. With so much violence on our streets, it is only natural that when we think of “crime” we tend to think of young people recklessly shooting guns in the central urban areas of our major cities. Here is an example I just found …

An intense wild west firefight that took place on the streets of the Bronx was captured on cameras in a stunning new footage released by NYPD.

The video begins by showing what appear to be seven gang members brandishing guns, shooting at an unidentified target across the street.

This is the latest in a series of high-profile violent crime incidents that have become more common in the five boroughs over the past 18 months, during which New York City has seen an increase in the number of shootings, criminal assaults and hate crime.

But do they represent the worst our society has to offer?

Obviously not.

Even worse are the people who choose to bring guns to our schools and start shooting. Unfortunately, on Wednesday we had another such incident …

An 18-year-old suspect was arrested Wednesday after four people were injured in a shooting at a Texas high school, authorities said. Three of the victims were hospitalized, at least one required surgery.

At around 9:15 am, police responded to a call about a shooting on the second floor of Arlington’s Timberview High School, according to Kevin Kolbye, the city’s assistant police chief. Two of the victims were shot but were expected to survive, Kolbye said.

There is no place for such violence in our society, and I don’t want to minimize the evil of such a crime one bit.

But there are even worse criminals.

You see, the truth is that the biggest criminals in our society are found on corporate boards and in our halls of power. The evil decisions that very powerful men and women make behind closed doors can result in the deaths of thousands or even millions of people.

Let me give you some examples. Merck just announced a new COVID “wonder drug” and those running the company have decided to charge $ 712 for a treatment that costs just $ 17.74 to produce …

Merck’s new “non-Ivermectin” Covid-19 treatment, molnupiravir, costs money $ 17.74 to produce – yet the company is charging the US government $ 712 for the treatment – a margin of 40x, according to the intercept, citing a report released last week by Harvard School of Public Health and King’s College Hospital in London.

The pill, originally developed using US government funds as a possible treatment for Venezuelan equine encephalitis, halved the risk of hospitalization and death in a randomized study of 775 adults with mild / moderate Covid who were considered to be at high risk of the disease due to comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The trial was stopped early so that the company could apply for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The drug did not benefit patients who had already been hospitalized with a serious illness.

In theory, this “wonder drug” could help millions upon millions of COVID victims around the world over the next few years if it had a fair price.

But the vast majority of those potential patients will never see it because they simply won’t be able to afford it.

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In the meantime, how many other cheap alternative treatments are being suppressed so that big drug companies can rack up billions of dollars in profits?

Let’s take a look at another example. A woman in Colorado is denied a life-saving kidney transplant because she refuses to receive the COVID vaccine …

A Colorado woman with stage five kidney failure was denied a new kidney because both she and her potential donor were not vaccinated.

The University of Colorado Health Hospital sent a letter to Leilani Lutali, 56, who allegedly received a kidney from Jaimee Fougner, 45, informing her that the procedure could not be performed until both women had been vaccinated. against COVID-19.

‘I feel compelled. I feel that my life is held in their hands in exchange for a shot, and the attitude is just to shoot, “Lutali told Denver7.

They are fully prepared to let her die if she doesn’t get the shot.

You have to be a special kind of evil to be so utterly heartless.

In our society, the level of evil tends to rise as you move up the food chain. And so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Washington DC is absolutely seething with evil. When I worked there over ten years ago, you could literally feel it in the air.

Of course things have only gotten worse since then, and right now the current White House resident is seeing her approval rating absolutely plummet due to all the nightmarish decisions she’s made …

As his agenda falters on Capitol Hill, President Joe Biden’s popularity among everyday Americans is taking a hit.

Biden’s approval rate dropped to 38 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. It fell from 42% three weeks ago and a high of 50% in mid-February.

Unfortunately, the truth is that Washington DC politicians are simply a reflection of who we have become as a nation.

And if the full extent of our national misdeeds are ever brought to light, we will become the most hated country on the entire planet and the rest of the world will turn against us in tremendous fury.

There is so much behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. For example, an informant just stepped forward and revealed some baffling information to Project Veritas. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you can view it here.

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Of course the mainstream media will never report on this because they are evil too and this story would damage the agendas they are trying to push.

The biggest criminals get up in the morning and wear very expensive clothes. They are paid a lot of money and love fame and recognition.

But they are leading us on a path that leads to national suicide.

Unlike many of the violent criminals on our streets, most of the criminals on our boards and in our halls of power will never go to jail for what they did.

Instead, they will keep laughing all the way to the bank as millions of people suffer and die.

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