October 20, 2021

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where to party – FANTASTIC KYIV

where to party - FANTASTIC KYIV

We locals love official holidays in Ukraine. Days off, good food, drinks and wonderful women (why who rules the world? – girls!) The latter is an important component of any beautiful party, but it is an indispensable component, if we are talking about International Women’s Day. So where to celebrate this holiday, if you happen to be in Kiev on March 8 (or another Friday night in Kiev, if you don’t feel like celebrating)?

Jazz concert at the bar №7

Are you looking for a jazz concert in Kiev? Welcome to Bar №7 on March 8: enjoy delicious food and drinks in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Dj and live music, as well as a photographer who captures the best moments of this spring break. Book a seat on a bar’s Facebook page.

Where is it: Bar №7

Concert and DJ in the Barvy restaurant

In addition to the gastronomic surprises, the Barvy restaurant offers the Joira concert and the DJ who plays on March 8th. Add professional photos, a special photo zone to store this Friday night, and a delicious house cocktail. Book a table via a restaurant’s Facebook page

Where is it: Barvy restaurant

Fro.LOVE cover band at the Dorothy Pub

Enjoy live music in Kiev in a friendly atmosphere of locals. Fro. The LOVE band will sing covers of popular songs, while you can enjoy dancing, drinking and celebrating spring. Make sure you book a table by contacting a pub.

Where is it: Dorothy Pub

Rock You concert at the Docker-G Pub

If you like music, welcome to the Docker-G Pub on March 8th. This place is famous as a music venue for many Ukrainian bands. This Friday the Rock You Band will surprise you with the exclusive “Favorite ballads” program. Hear covers of The Beatles, Metallica, Blackmore’s Night, Sting, Seal, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Guns N ‘Roses, Doors and other legends.

You can buy a ticket here.

Where is it: Docker-G Pub

Друга Ріка (Druha Rika) Concert at Palats Sportu

Друга Ріка, a famous Ukrainian band is finishing their concert tour in Kiev. The concert in Kiev on March 8 will be the biggest concert of their musical career. Get a dose of Ukrainian music by visiting their concert on Friday. You can buy tickets on Concert.ua

Where is it: Palats Sportu

Musical love stories

Katiko Purtseladze

Hear jazz hits from Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Luis Armstrong, played by Pavlo Ignatyev and Katiko Purtseladze. Enjoy Angelina Zolota’s water painting performance. You can buy tickets on Concert.ua

Where: House of Architect

Women’s beer festival in the Golden Gate pub

The Contrabanda band will play live for you on March 8th at the Golden Gate Traditional Irish Pub. The place to enjoy delicious beers, good music and English speaking people (I bet they do)! Book a seat via Facebook.

PS If you are a football fan, traveling to Kiev and interested in watching the “Dynamo-Chelsea” match on March 7th, you can also do it at the Golden Gates Pub!

Where: Golden Gate Pub

Ladies Night with DJ Tarkan

DJ tarkan in Kiev

Celebrate International Women’s Day in Kiev loud and fun – come to Ladies Night in Baddha Bar Kyiv. Enjoy the jazz music, the aerial gymnastics show and then say hello to a special guest: Dj Tarkan. Book a table via Facebook.

Where: Buddha Bar Kyiv

Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet

Get a joy and positive vibes by watching an exciting performance by the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. 100 dancers and 2500 costumes, sinuous orchestra and unique instruments – take a short but memorable trip to Georgia! You can buy tickets on Kontramarka.

Where is it: Palats Ukraina

The women of the Big Bang era in the Caribbean Club

It goes back to the era of the Big Bands, the time when jazz could rally stadiums. Aniko Dolidze Big Band will perform in Golden Oldies. Enjoy the musical improvisation of the Big Band soloist, accompanied by leading Ukrainian jazz musicians. You can buy tickets on Kontramarka.

Where is it: Caribbean club

Black and white: modern German circus

Enjoy the black and white program of the modern German circus. Lethal tricks, sparkling light show, phenomenal special effects – the circus isn’t just for kids. You can buy tickets on Parter.ua.

Where is it: National Circus of Ukraine

Tango-style stories: modern ballet

tango in Kiev

Astor Piazzola’s modern action ballet to music is what you might need this Friday night. Tango is like a sincere speech of two lonely hearts, but for sure you will not be alone in this show. You can buy tickets on Parter.ua.

Where is it: The opera and ballet theater

If you happen to arrive too late with your reservation, but want to discover the traditional and alternative scene of the city, its hidden courtyards, talk about easy bars, architecture, urban projects, its drinking and its sober culture (not only the March 8), welcome to the amazing walking tour of Kiev – as great as you are!

PS On behalf of Awesome Kyiv I want to greet all women with the upcoming International Women’s Day (even if you don’t celebrate 🙂 We are strong, we are fragile, we are powerful, we have dark hair, we are blonde, we are red hair, we are tall, we are little, we have blue eyes, we have deep brown eyes, green eyes, we are daughters, mothers, sisters, we are so different, we are everything we want to be. We are fantastic!


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