September 17, 2021

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where to go and what to do – FANTASTIC KYIV

where to go and what to do - FANTASTIC KYIV

Are you traveling to Kiev with children and looking for how to make a great trip for adults and children? Or live in Kiev and look for something to do when you are your children back from school / kindergarten? Here are some tips on how to spend time together in Kiev.

The Kiev Planetarium is a great place to visit for both adults and children. Not only can you take the kids to educational shows and full dome movies about planets and space, but also listen to classical, jazz, rock, ethno music live in Kiev while visiting the “Music under the stars” programs (it’s an opportunity to listen to quality live music while watching the star show).

Tip: Particularly recommended is “Jazz under the stars with Solovyov & Band”. I’ve visited the same concert a couple of times and still can’t get enough of it.

Address: Velyka Vasylkivska street 57/3


More than 250 objects in the Kyiv Experementarium are not only on display – visitors can touch them to learn those laws that seem boring while studying at school. This interactive museum reveals many illusions, puzzles and mazes. Studying can be fun and Kyiv Experimentarium is proof of that.

Address: Perspective Stepana Bandery, 6D


Take your children to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the diverse underwater world in the Kiev Oceanarium. Enjoy this museum, filled with live exhibits, the inhabitants of the planet’s seas and oceans. It is a fun and educational pastime not only for children but also for adults.

Tip: Check out the program of exclusive shows such as sharks, sea turtles, piranhas and devil fish feeding.

Address: Andriya Malyshka Street, 3


The recently restored Kiev Zoo is one of the largest zoological parks in Europe. You can take your children to walk around the zoo and park, help them discover nature and also participate in ecological education. You can go on a hike in the territory of the Kiev Zoo or explore it on your own.

Tip: Follow the news on the website about their special events, such as Giraffe Day or Elephant Day or other specific events, on those days there may be more special activities that you and your children may be interested in.

Address: 32 Peremohy Av.


Located on the territory of Partyzanskoi Slavy Park, on the outskirts of Kiev, Seiklar Rope Adventure Park is a place for those who love adventure and the extreme. Both children and adults can climb a rope ladder, walk on the swing bridge or rope and much more.

You will have all the necessary equipment in the park and the instructors will help you follow the training if necessary. There are ordinary trails and trails for professionals, so you can choose one based on your abilities and those of your children. There are also trails for younger children and playgrounds.

Address: Slavhorodska Street, 49

micro-miniature kyiv

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is not just a territory with churches and monasteries. It also offers a wide selection of museums. One of these is the Microminiature Museum. See the smallest book in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, and many other artifacts that can be examined under a microscope.

All the creations were made by Mykola Siadrystyi, a Ukrainian engineer, known as a man who “gets rid of the flea”. The master himself likes to visit the museum and talk to visitors. The Museum of Miniatures is part of our all inclusive Pechersk walking tour in Kiev.

Tip: The museum may be closed on Tuesdays (usually Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday can be a day when Ukrainian museums have a so-called “sanitary day” and are closed) so consider calling ahead and asking. To get to the Museum of Microminiatures in Kiev, you must first buy a ticket on the territory of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

Address: Lavrska street, 9

toilet museum

One of the 10 most interesting museums in Ukraine, the Toilet History Museum is definitely worth a visit. Bring your children to learn about the bathroom culture from ancient times to the present day. The museum itself is housed within a 19th century fortress which is an interesting architectural creation.

The museum will make your mouth water with its large collection of restrooms, along with an in-depth tour that will tell you about this common part of daily life in different countries and cultures over the centuries.

After the tour, you are also invited to the small cinema to watch some quirky mini-films about toilet-related inventions. You also have the option to purchase one of the many impressive mementos (no need to even explain what they are connected to).

Tip: The closest metro station is Klovska (green line). If you walk from the metro, it will require some excursion, as the museum is located almost at the top of the hill, so you will also get some nice views of the Pechersk area.

Address: Rybalska street, 22

puppet theater

The oldest puppet theater in Ukraine not only offers enchanting puppet shows, but also allows you to admire a large collection of puppets inside the museum of ancient puppets. The building itself that looks like a fairytale castle is a great piece of modern Ukrainian architecture. The former water tower with the water museum is not far from the puppet theater. Perfectly located in Mariinsky Park, it offers you an excellent opportunity for a stroll after the puppet show.

Address: Mykhaila Hrushevskoho street 1A

aquapark kyiv

Ukraine’s largest water park is located just outside Kiev, in the city called Brovary. The Aquapark Terminal includes 3 floors with water activities. The wide range of water attractions will ensure you have a fun and active pastime. The large wave pool will make you feel like you are on the sea. If you want to relax, you can choose to visit the Finnish sauna, the Russian sauna, the Roman bath, the salt sauna or the contrast foot bath. You can also find the fast food restaurant, the suchi-bar and the pizzeria on the third floor of the water park territory. If your children play in the aqua-zone and you want to rest, you can rest in the recreation area equipped with sun loungers and watch what happens in the aqua zone.

Address: 316 Kyivska Street, Brovary

tsekh skalodrom

If you and your kids want to try bouldering, visit Kyiv’s TSEKH Climbing Center. You will try rock climbing at lower heights, without ropes. Not only will it add some variety to your daily routine, but it may inspire you and your kids to explore more parts of Ukraine and to climb outdoors in hilly or mountainous areas.

Your children may also be interested in training on trampolines, with a sofa or during group lessons.

Tip: Rent specialized footwear, otherwise you will not be able to use the climbing wall properly.

Address: 154 Borshchahivska str., Marmelad shopping center

kyiv trampoline

Are you looking for a place in Kiev where your children can improve coordination, reaction speed and enrich physical skills while having fun? Visit the Trampoline Sky Park in Kiev and enjoy more than 4,500 square meters of attractions, including trampolines, trampoline walls, climbing walls and foam pits. Your children can play alone or take part in sporting events and missions. While your children play, you can rest at the Sky Cafe or play pool. It is also possible to organize Kid’s Birthday Party in the Trampoline Sky Park.

Address: Obolonsky 21B prospect, Dream Town-2 shopping center


Kayaking in Kiev is a great way to enjoy the view of Kiev from the water. You can easily rent a kayak for two and show your children the beauty of Kiev or get them to learn a new sport. There is also a calendar of events, such as special kayaking rafting (such as rafting on the Dnipro river, kayaking around the islands of Dnipro, night kayaking rafting under bridges and many more).

In addition to kayaks, you can try SUP in Kiev, also available at the Kayak Canoe Center. You can choose a kayaking session to be part of your amazing full day tour of Kiev.

Tip: Don’t forget a hat and water, also consider taking shoes to change (e.g. flip flops that are not exposed to water damage). If the location of the Hydropark is not the most suitable for you, you can visit their departments in the Obolon, Slavytych or Osokorky area.

Address: Hydropark Island, Kiev

aviation museum kiev

While boarding a plane during the Coronavirus pandemic seems rather a luxury than something we used to take for granted, it is the right time to at least enjoy looking at the planes. The Ukrainian State Aviation Museum is the right place for that.

The youngest and largest historical museum of the technical history of Ukraine, today it has the exhibition of over 80 airplanes and helicopters. If you want to make a birthday surprise for your child, you can choose to book a birthday party aboard a real plane in the Aviation Museum in Kiev.

If you want to know more about Igor Sikorsky, see a place in Kiev where he was working on the world’s first helicopter, welcome to the Kyiv Hidden Backyards Tour – we will learn a lot more about the talented Ukrainians as we walk through the arches in an alternative world of Kiev.

Address: via Medova, 1

children kyiv

Are you trying to explain your adult life, obligations and duties at work to your children? Visit KidsWill Town of Professions in Kiev, where your children can become adults, choose their job, earn money and spend it. Many professions in a short period of time – not a dream. Maybe you parents too will find it stimulating and you will find a new field in which you dare to challenge yourself. You can even book a birthday party for your kids in KidsWill Town of Professions – fun and educational!

Address: Akademika Zabolotnoho, 37, ART shopping center

PS If you are looking for more ideas for exploring Kiev with children, look no further than Kyiv With Kids Blog!

At the end of a day, it’s always great to explore the city with the kids. Book your amazing walking tour of Kiev and let’s enjoy the adventure together.