September 18, 2021

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Where Pad Thai is just the beginning

Hong Thaimee, the Thai chef who had Ngam restaurant in the East Village and pop-ups elsewhere, has now moved to Greenwich Village with takeaway and home delivery and a restaurant. Pad Thaimee, which serves pad thai, the dish she is best known for, and a version with zucchini noodle, was operational in late August. The limited menu also includes lightly spiced green curry fried rice and fried rice with Chinese broccoli, eggs and anchovies. Chicken, shrimp, soft shell crab, mixed seafood or tofu can be added to any dish. Easily heated food comes in boxes lined with banana leaves to retain moisture. A vegan, take-out and home delivery-only Thai menu, called Thaimee Blossom, will be available in November. And even Thaimee Love, who used to be a pop-up at 615 Hudson Street, will also open as a regular restaurant, sharing the same kitchen in several weeks.

Pad Thaimee, 116 West Houston Street (Sullivan Street),

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