September 22, 2021

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When will act 2 pass? New map released?

The Battle Pass has ended. The next Valorant update will arrive on servers on September 8 in the United States.

Riot Games has had to postpone the launch of the Battle Pass and Act 2 map several times. However, it looks like everything is ready for an easy release.

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Act 2 will come without an agent, but there is a chance it will happen.

The new Valorant Battle Pass will continue to entertain players this week, while the Fracture maps and Valorant Battle Pass will remain.

The September Act 2 Battle Pass for 1,000 VPs will be available, just like in the past. Includes weapon skins, weapon companions, cards, sprays, and titles.

These items are included for free: Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin, Artisan Gun Buddy, and Artisan Gun Buddy. Good try! Spray, Versus // Phoenix Paper and Phoenix Paper

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This week Fracture will also be available as part of the next major Valorant update. Riot Games has confirmed that the map features an H-shaped layout and a split in the middle, revealing the sides. The paths can also be connected by long zip lines.

Similar to the previous maps, pay attention to the links with Valorant Lore and interactive narrative objects.


Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 and Battle Pass will be released on Tuesday 7th September.

Based on Valorant’s plans, European servers will likely be behind other European servers.

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“There are some cards and sprays that have been inspired by community memes or jokes, but I’ll let you guess what they are.

Follow Me Buddy is the most trusted friend we’ve ever had in battlepasses. I recommend to pay attention. Because it links to the cutscene we released a few months earlier, the Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix card is a great addition to your deck. It’s also something we talked about in a previous battle passage using the Broken Mirrors card.

We are looking to create more content in the series to allow players who love to collect to add items to their collection.

These include the Map Scheme and Weapon Manufacturer Schematic cards, as well as the Versus cards. We are thrilled to announce the Unstoppable series of cards. The first features Reyna as her Ult Form which drains souls from the enemies she has killed.

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