June 19, 2021

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“What a tragedy” – Reactions after 9 girls were spotted smoking weed in a bush (watch video)

Those girls were spotted in a trending social media video smoking weed in a secluded bush.

Watch the video below:

Some people think that there is nothing wrong with the video, after all they enjoy what gives them joy.

“Oga free them joor, if that’s what makes them happy. Men who smoke are no different ” King Obidike She said.

Others believe that their lifestyle could have a negative effect on their children’s future. Most of the people, especially the men who saw the video, pointed out as they commented that they would not want to go out with women who smoke.

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“I will never go with them, even though I know so many, including guyz. I don’t smoke, I see no reason why I should hang out with legendary smokers, ”A user by the name Xklusive Media She said.

Read some other comments below:

“What a tragedy” – Michele.

“Who among us would like to have one of these as mothers or wives?” – Omo Oba.

“How sure are you that in the end they won’t live a better and more fulfilling life than yours?” – Mr. Star of the Morning.