September 22, 2021

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Western corporate culture in the Ukrainian technology industry

Western corporate culture in the Ukrainian technology industry

Daxx finished research on modern corporate culture and communication style in Ukraine. We analyzed the daily communication, the mentality of Ukrainian technology specialists, the attitude towards deadlines and the motivation to work in the IT sector to give you a new perspective on the most dynamic sector in Ukraine.

However, our main goal is to provide practical advice to owners of large and small tech companies and we are looking into the possibility of working with Ukrainian tech companies.

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Myths about the technology industry in Ukraine

To make it more fun, we’ve collected a couple of Ukrainian developer myths and added them to the white paper.

Myths about the technology industry in Ukraine

Business communication in the technology sector in Ukraine

Corporate communication in the technology sector in Ukraine closely resembles corporate communication in Western technology companies. One of the main differences is that, at the beginning, Ukrainians working in the field of technology can be reserved. So it takes some time to open up, but when it comes to day-to-day work, Ukrainian tech specialists openly discuss progress and challenges.

In small Ukrainian tech companies, people use an informal and semi-formal communication style. Mid-sized tech companies are inclined to use a semi-formal communication style in everyday life. The formal style of corporate communication is characteristic of large technology companies in which the hierarchy plays a significant role.


The average Ukrainian programmer has a goal-oriented mindset: developers are responsible for the timely delivery of a project. Working as a team, each developer feels personally responsible for meeting deadlines and goals.

In fact, most developers in Ukraine work in project outsourcing companies. This means they are self-guided, self-organized and know how to prioritize activities.

The mentality of people working in the technology sector

The commonly held opinion regarding Ukrainian developers is that they are persistent and implement ideas well. The statement perpetuates an established myth that Ukrainian tech-savvy people are better at implementing someone’s ideas than coming up with their own. In fact, Ukrainians are excellent problem solvers.

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Information on the methodology

We have addressed more than 40 resources, including research from Global Affairs Canada, Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, DOU, Expatistan, EF EPI, та Ain to describe the current corporate culture in the Ukrainian IT sector.

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