September 18, 2021

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Watch the moment when White Money signals Jackie B to cover Tega’s bare body (photo)

Big Brother Naija’s sixth season stories are currently centered around Tega, Boma, and Tega’s husband. It came as a shock to many viewers when Tega and Boma made out at home earlier this week. Being a married woman, viewers expected her to show an act of decency and respect her marriage. Surprisingly, Tega doesn’t seem to care what people think or say about her.

This afternoon she complained that she had a sprained ankle and then Pere volunteered to help her massage her legs as she turned to the bed. Her ass appears to reveal a meaty part of her body, Whitemoney quickly signaled Jackie B to help cover it with a cloth.

Many people have reacted to this by saying that Tega is disbanded and purposely made herself an object of contempt in the house. Well, who are we to judge another person, I think he knows what he is doing. According to her, she is behaving according to the game and that she is very good at acting.

See photo below: