June 19, 2021

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Warning to drivers about a change in insurance rules next week

Drivers are advised that they only have one week to check if their insurance complies with the new rules which will take effect at the end of April.

The warning, from Go compare Auto insurance comes after the British Association of Insurers (ABI) announced on April 20 that temporary measures put in place to support motorists during the pandemic will expire on April 30.

The measures, originally introduced in March last year when the coronavirus The pandemic sent the country on lockdown, claiming policyholders who had to drive to work during the lockdown but would not have used their car before.

Insurers have waived their obligation to expand coverage for key employees who have had to drive to different locations, volunteers who help their communities by transporting medicines or food to support those affected by the coronavirus, and people who have had to use the ‘car to reach different places for work because of the pandemic.

Policyholders were not required to contact their insurer to update their records or extend their coverage.

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Ryan Fulthorpe, GoCompare’s auto expert, said: “It’s been just over a year since Covid’s first nationwide lockdown and as the final restrictions begin to be lifted, we’re all finding our new normal.

“For many people, this means going back to the office or another workplace. To reflect changes in driving behavior as commuting and driving between different workplaces begin to increase, insurers have revised their position.

“From May onwards, drivers who have only insured their cars for social, domestic or leisure purposes, but who now use their car to commute to work after the pandemic, will need to upgrade their coverage.

“The use of a car affects the risk perceived by the insurers and therefore the premium charged. Drivers who use their car for commuting or between workplaces are likely to travel during the busiest hours of the day and spend more time in the car than drivers who drive solely for domestic or leisure purposes.

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“After the end of the insurers’ commitments to automatically renew coverage during the lockdown, it is essential that motorists make sure their auto insurance covers them for their new normal use. If a motorist does not state that he is driving to work, or as part of his jobs, he can void his insurance and driving without insurance carries severe penalties.

“So if you are driving to work from the pandemic and are unsure whether you are covered, it is best to contact your insurer immediately so that your policy can be updated if necessary. Likewise, it is essential to inform your insurer if you have changed jobs or addresses since taking out your insurance. ”

Following the easing of COVID restrictions in the UK, ABI members have now reviewed their position and published updated guidelines.

Drive to work

The revised guidelines apply to drivers, including key personnel, who use their car to commute to work or travel to different locations for work.

Drivers whose car insurance does not currently include commuter coverage and who use their car to commute to work should contact their insurer to adjust their coverage accordingly.


Most insurers will continue to support drivers who use their cars for voluntary purposes at no additional cost. However, volunteer drivers are advised to check their auto insurance documents to make sure they meet all requirements, such as informing their insurer of their activities to ensure that if they are involved in an accident, they are covered for any damage to their vehicle. Why.