September 18, 2021

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Anonymous said …

I too will prepare my chalet for the long winter.

I too am a tired reactionary.

Anonymous said …

Share of Americans owning a second home in 2018, by age

About 5% of Americans have a second home.

Other people invest their money in timeshare, extended vacation travel, or RVs. When you add them to the mix, we’re talking about 30 or 40% of the population.

Fun fact: there are many second homes in China. Will you call those people reactionary? They follow all the rules established by the Chinese Communist Party. It is known to be true, because the CCP has a social credit system and spies on everyone, including the 11:45 am poster.

9.9 million: Number of U.S. households owning 1 or more product types (timeshare weeks, points, fractions, and / or private residency clubs)

61% are married or cohabiting

The average age of an owner is 40
13% of timeshare owners earn $ 100,000 or more

There will certainly be an overlap between timeshares and second homes, but between the two we are talking about around 25 million people.

So I would encourage, Mr. Courage 11:45 am to talk to IRL about his jealousy.

Anonymous said …

“Ivermectin, ‘wonder drug’ from Japan: the perspective of human use”

Anonymous said …

Dr. Ozaki stated that ivermectin has shown significant benefits in reducing infections and deaths when the regimen is administered prophylactically for another indication.. With encouraging medical data from clinical trial reports of ivermectin around the world, most notably that of the US FLCCC and UK BIRD, the head of the Metropolitan Medical Association said that while clinical trials were important, it was time to give the green light to doctors to prescribe ivermectin in association with giving the patient informed consent “.

Japan has not approved ivermectin for COVID. However, they approved it for emergency use, which is the same thing as the American COVIDS vaccines, an UAE.

Japan has been studying ivermectin for COVID since September 2020. Being cautious, they will complete a full range of studies. So it will take 2 or 3 years before it is approved.

Anonymous said …

no no no no !!! I don’t want to hear about Ivermectin.

The good people on CNN said it’s for horses and they wouldn’t lie to me and they wouldn’t kill dozens of people in the process !!!


Yes. They do.

They are not normal.

They are devil-possessed eugenics enthusiasts who subscribe to the great reset and so much more you can’t even wrap your head around. Don Lemon’s friend wanted to get a raise and agreed to portray half of the country as a racist.

There is something wrong with them.
We all like a good political fight, but they are different. Something possessed them. They are not normal. Not human.

Crusader said …

It’s that time of year again: chopping wood, food, water, books. Anything special planned for this year?