September 22, 2021

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Vauxhall, Lancia and Lancia were the former guests of the fifth gear. Four unique vintage cars

Jonny Smith spoke exclusively with and said extravagant cars don’t have to be expensive. Jonny Smith said there are many “rare cars” that, while not as desirable as some of the most popular vehicles out there, are still great cars.

Parkers estimates that the value used for this model is between PS4,600 and PS8,500.

Lancia Stratos

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Smith claimed it was a lesser known car than a generation would know.

It was designed for homologation. Because they have to comply with a number of rules, homologation cars can be quite quirky and sometimes not profitable for the manufacturer.

They spend money building this car to be a winner in motorsport, but strangely in history, they fail to sell well and the company is either unable or unwilling to pay them back.

He said, “It’s unique but it’s great.” These aren’t worth much, but they’re great.

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You can drive around a car built in the 90s, but it looks like it’s 50 years old. I think it deserves more attention. “

Algys Autos stated that a good condition of Pao is valued at more than PS5,000.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Smith stated that it still looks as if the spaceship has teleported its contents. Even though I wasn’t present at the launch, I was fascinated by it.

It is just a car that has been neglected for many years. Although it was the Aston Martin that everyone wanted, now I think it is the ideal vehicle to convert to electric vehicles.

It is the strangest style. The interior is a mess with the digital dashboard, which didn’t always work when it was brand new.

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It’s still so amazing after all these years.

Lagonda models are available for purchase on Classic Trader at prices between PS55,000.00 and PS120,000.