June 15, 2021

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Universal Basic Income Pilot Could See Everyone Aged 18-64 On UK Trial Get £ 213 Per Week

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed that he intends to pilot a universal basic income (UBI) system in) Wales. Today a think tank recommended that the UBI trial in Wales involve thousands of people.

The independent think tank Autonomy has launched a UBI pilot project in Wales involving 5,000 residents, participating in a 24-month trial.

Last month, Drakeford announced that his Welsh Labor government intended to pilot UBI.

However, the Welsh government told WalesOnline that it was still working out the key details when it was contacted for more information.

While Wales, and the rest of the UK, await further details from the Welsh government, the Autonomy think tank has suggested what they think would be the best way forward.

It would see two parallel pilot projects running simultaneously, one in an urban area and the other in a rural area.

These pilots would include every resident in the selected areas.

It would include children and people over the working age.

The participation of 2,500 people in each of the two locations is suggested.

According to the think tank, this pilot project would cost £ 50 million a year, equivalent to 0.6 percent of the Welsh government’s 2021/22 budget.


Universal Basic Income Rates

According to the plan established by Autonomy, each probationer would receive the following rate, corresponding to their age.

Children 0-17 years old – £ 120.48 per week (paid to their guardian)

Adults aged 18 to 64 – £ 213.59 per week

Adults 65 and over – £ 195.90 per week.

These payment amounts have been suggested by reference to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Minimum Income Standard.

Will Stronge, director of research at Autonomy, said: “All the evidence suggests that a guaranteed basic income would directly alleviate poverty in Wales and this plan establishes a sensible approach for the Welsh government to follow in planning and designing a pilot project.

“A well-designed pilot project for Wales needs to be inclusive and broad enough in its scope to be able to capture evidence from both rural and urban communities.

“However, there is a big problem in the room which is whether or not the UK government will cooperate to allow a pilot to move forward.”

Guy Standing, Professor of Development Studies at SOAS and founder of the Basic Income Earth Network, said: “Having been involved in pilot projects in North America, England, Finland, India and parts of Africa, I am hugely impressed with the energy at the basis of the creation of Wales a pioneer of what should become national politics after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need resilience and only basic income security can provide it.”

The think tank said the pilot’s base cost would be around £ 99 million over two years.

Evidence from the poll from Wales indicates that 69% of the public are in favor of a basic income pilot project in response to the Covid pandemic.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Financial Feed