September 17, 2021

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ULP 5-189 | Вища освіта в Україні та США

childhood in the 90s

Would you like to know more about university-level education in Ukraine – вища освіта в Україні? In this episode, Anna will compare her university studies in Ukraine and the United States.

! The fifth season of the podcast is entirely in slow and simple Ukrainian. For easier episodes with English, check out ours Season 1 gold Season 2.

Transcription and exercises!

Конспект уроку – lesson notes for this episode include:

  • Full transcript of the whole episode in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary: translation of more difficult words to the side;
  • 10 useful phrases: sentence table with English translation;
  • 4 bonus exercises practice vocabulary and lesson structures.

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Дякую, що слухаєте! – Thanks for listening!

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