September 17, 2021

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Twenty Korovayi – Modernyj Korovai

Twenty Korovayi - Modernyj Korovai

Ok, let’s be honest, the title is somewhat misleading, because twelve of those twenty korovayi were about the size of a cupcake 😉 But it was still a big order, and I love getting those! The star of the show was a 14 ″ main edible korovai, accompanied by seven 6 ″ korovayi, all in a similar style: “married” doves nestled in the periwinkle at the top, surrounded by male and female doves representing family and friends . Over the course of a few evenings, I made nearly 200 doves to adorn each korovai!

I thought it was absolutely adorable that the groom’s mother decided to give a korovai to every person who made her son’s marriage possible in the current pandemic situation. In fact, I learned that she is not even Ukrainian by blood, but she is more Ukrainian than many Ukrainians I know!

When we started our conversation about his son’s korovai, he sent me a photo of his korovai from his 1988 wedding:

Korovai by Mrs. Elizabeth Sembaliuk (1988)

It was made by Mrs. Elizabeth Sembaliuk, mother of Paul Sembaliuk, who designed the famous giant sculpture of a pysynka (Ukrainian Easter Egg) in Vegreville, Alberta. Ms. Sembaliuk’s niece Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn is a well-known Ukrainian Canadian artist and illustrator, known for her paintings inspired by Ukrainian folklore and heritage. A truly talented family, if you ask me. So it was truly an honor to have been invited to contribute my art to this special day and to continue the korovai tradition at the wedding of this wonderful family.

Korovaichyky: korovayi the size of a cupcake