July 29, 2021

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Turkish insurance husband pushes his wife

Husband pushes pregnant wife from a height of 1000 feet for turkey insurance of Rs 41 lakh

In Turkey, a husband pushed his pregnant wife off a 300-meter-high cliff to get insurance money. Police arrested Hakan Osal, 40, on suspicion of killing his wife Semra Osal, 32. However, Hakan is not yet willing to admit that he considers the crash an accident.

Hakan took his pregnant wife for a walk in Mughal City’s Butterfly Valley. Semra was seven months pregnant. Semra died instantly after falling from a height of 1000 feet.

The couple also took several selfies while sitting on the cliff. Semra’s husband hatched the entire conspiracy for 40,865, or Rs 41.23 lakh. According to personal accident insurance, her husband was the only one entitled to such a large sum after Semra’s death.

Hakan sat with his wife for a total of 3 hours to see if anyone was around him. When he saw that there was no one to look at, he pushed his wife mercilessly.

“Even after his pregnant wife died, Hakan didn’t look sad,” Semra’s brother said. My sister and I both didn’t like taking out loans. After his death we learned that Haka had taken a total of 3 loans in his name. Another thing is that if Semra was afraid of heights, how did she reach the height of 1000 feet? ‘

“I heard her screams later when I went to get Semra’s phone out of her bag,” Hakan said in his defense. When I turned around, I saw it wasn’t there. I didn’t hit my wife. ‘

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