June 19, 2021

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Trump humiliates Biden in the middle of his boring acceptance speech with a brutal takedown – Trump Train News

Former Vice President Joe Biden thought he could tear President Donald Trump apart and walk away without being beaten.

During Biden’s boring Democratic nomination acceptance speech Thursday night, the former vice president shot Trump saying that “the current president has cloaked in American darkness for too long, too much anger, too much fear, too much division … “obviously it was a very bad move as Trump wasted no time slapping sleepy old Joe.

From Expert gateway:
In the midst of Biden’s speech, President Trump tweeted an interview he did with Fox News host Sean Hannity, criticizing Biden for running away from the media.
“He hasn’t answered a question since mid-July,” said Trump blasting Biden for only taking pre-approved questions from subservient reporters.

President Donald Trump didn’t stop there, he followed up with a second tweet pounding Biden for being in Washington forever and still not accomplishing anything.