October 20, 2021

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TOP 12 Software Technology Trends Expected in 2021

TOP 12 Software Technology Trends Expected in 2021

Many developers will remember 2020 as one of the most stressful times in their careers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, software technology trends have drastically changed their direction for products aimed at leveraging remote communication and e-commerce. However, these segments aren’t the only fields where IT companies will scale their businesses. Below you can find the 12 technology trends in the software industry that are expected to emerge in 2021.

1. Video games and related products

Following the 2020-30 Global Video Game Software Market Report first published in Dublin, rapid progress is expected in this area. The document states that the total capitalization of the video game software market is declining due to the Corona pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis. While it was valued at $ 167.2 billion in 2019, the valuation dropped to $ 166.4 billion in 2020.

Regardless, the gaming industry is expected to grow in the next year, representing one of the software industry trends on a global scale. The report says 2021 will provide developers with a quick payback. The growth of the market for video game software and related products is expected to reach $ 223.2 billion by 2023. It will obviously become one of the new trends in software development.

2. E-commerce: the most popular technology for software development in 2020

Internet retail shopping continues to gain momentum. The sales volume in this sector was estimated at $ 1.3 trillion in 2014, while in 2020 the volume reached $ 4.9 trillion according to Statista. Hence, the market has almost quadrupled in seven years.

This growth is also impacting e-commerce software developers. It can be safely assumed that the development of applications for online services will appear among the main trends in software development in 2021. All the more so as the share of e-commerce sales will reach 17.5% of the global retail volume in 2021. according to Statesman.

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3. Bionics for the human body

In his review for Forbes magazine, Aleksey Makarov says that the coming year will bring many new developments dedicated to the enhancement of the human body. He cited the example of Google Glass technology. The technological trends in engineering continue to move forward. Nowadays, Human 2.0 technologies are mainly used for restoring lost abilities (hearing, sight, etc.). In the future, technologies will be used not only to recover human organisms, but to improve their capabilities. This could include the following use cases:

  • Bionic exoskeletons (which are under active development by military entities);
  • Improve natural abilities (hearing, sight, physical strength);
  • Cheep systems that allow the functioning of gadgets and devices

Considering this segment in the context of “software trends and future”, the above cases seem the most forward-looking. Technology-based human improvement is gaining popularity among developers. Notably, many companies have already put bionic exoskeletons into operation while the US military was actively testing them.

4. Native applications

Aleksey Makarov himself insists that native applications will be a major software development trend next year. In 2020, it became clear that minimal contact between buyers and sellers was required. That’s why more and more companies are expected to build their native applications for both customer communication and internal coordination. This trend is expected to affect the banking, multimedia and e-commerce sectors.

The three industries must have stable, secure and cost-effective applications for making deals with customers. Even if the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic resolves, the demand for a fast and convenient way of communicating with customers will remain.

The experience of large companies like Google prioritizes mobile apps and mobile communication channels. This is partly due to the fact that the number of devices running Android reached nearly 2.5 billion worldwide in 2019. Even without taking into account the number of iOS devices, this figure strongly encourages mobile app developers. Native apps will continue to be one of the trends in the software industry.

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5. Voice commerce

Voice commerce is one of the latest IT trends in the software industry. This is a fairly new technology that allows you to perform actions via voice commands. Major digital giants like Google and Amazon have already gotten close to this technology. Their Amazon Echo and Google Home products are actively being marketed.

Users can do what they need by applying voice control without touching their devices. Just tell the system what to do without being distracted by the manual process. The technology is gaining popularity due to better time management resulting from the ability to control the system on the go.

This domain promises new trends in software technology. $ 40 billion is expected to be brought from voice commerce to consumers in the US alone by the end of 2020. The figure may be higher in 2021 as both Google and Amazon continue to improve technology in their niches.

Voice Commerce

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6. Big data is still promising

In his review for Forbes magazine, Aleksey Makarov is particularly focused on the Big Data segment. The development of Big Data processing systems will be among the latest trends in the IT industry. The expert remains that the largest share will belong to the tools that can process everything in memory without saving the results after each calculation. Assumes framework package processing will be popular in following fields:

  • Social media
  • Document processing
  • Text analysis
  • Multimedia flows
  • Climate research
  • Medical treatment explorations

At the same time, cybersecurity is highlighted as the main problem in the Big Data segment. It can prevent the implementation of new tools. If the problem is solved with the latest technology in software development, the state of Big Data can be strengthened.

The technology has developed rapidly over the past decade. Analysts give it high priority among other information technologies. Ample opportunities to work with Big Data will appear in 2021.

7. Cloud technologies

Cloud technologies will remain a trend over the next year. According to ITPortal, the global pandemic has harnessed the interest in using clouds for data processing and storage. Experts assume that most of the important processes today are done in the clouds. Therefore, the company will be interested in this technology to an even greater extent in 2021.

There will be a growth in the use of clouds over the next few years. Companies will develop their own software. Presumably all processes will be optimized for better efficiency. More and more IT companies will focus on this segment to satisfy the market.

The advantages of using this type of software are obvious:

  • Cost reduction of new projects
  • Increased productivity of the development process
  • Reduction of project maintenance costs

That’s why clouds will remain among the trends in software technology for years to come.

8. Open Source

Many developers release their open source software into the public domain. Therefore, many people can get free access to new computer programs which become an alternative to commercial software. This is especially true for those who work from home and don’t have business accounts. In the context of the ongoing pandemic, the segment will remain quite popular in 2021.

In many cases, open source software is more secure than commercial analogues. Experts assume that the segment will continue to grow to stay among other software development trends. It can affect the general condition of the IT industry as a significant part of the market belongs to open source.

9. Chatbot development

This domain can be called the most popular among the new trends in software development. Chatbots speed up communication between parties. At the same time, the built-in automatic processing of customer inquiries saves costs for operators and other staff. Social networks like Facebook, Telegram, Viber and Skype actively use chatbots today.

According to the study, 58% of chatbots work in the B2B segment while the remaining 42% work in the B2C one.

Chatbot development

Unsurprisingly, software development companies are the most active implementing chatbots on their platforms. They hold 65.1% of the total market share. They are followed by special services and health companies.

Chatbot development

10. Virtual reality

This is the most promising avenue for the entertainment industry. Virtual reality allows you to appear in a virtual space with full presence. This is what attracts consumers of VR products. Half-Life: Alyx video game is worth considering as the most expensive VR project. While the total number of VR devices is relatively small (around 5 million), that game’s sales hit 800,000 copies at the end of the first week. Hence, Half-Life: Alyx appeared at number eight in Top Grossing Titles.

Virtual reality

The development of more affordable VR solutions seems very prospective for this segment. It can be safely assumed that virtual reality may become the most popular technology for software development in the video game market.

11. Cloud Gaming

PC and console games are getting more and more challenging year after year. That’s why cloud gaming enters the world market. There is no need to buy expensive components to upgrade PCs to keep playing the latest games. Good bandwidth together with a data streaming system is sufficient.

Newzoo analysts say up to 125 million people will start using cloud gaming in a couple of years. Google, Sony and other giants draw their attention to this sector.

Cloud Gaming

Based on these experts’ predictions, it seems reasonable that cloud gaming will open up new markets in 2021. As a result, the demand for new software development will grow accordingly. As a result, cloud gaming will appear on the list of current trends in the software industry.

12. Cross-platform and omnichannel support

When developing an application or website, it is important to make them accessible through various communication channels. As the number of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, the demand for cross-platform support is on the rise. It’s not just about web and mobile versions of the same product, but about compatibility with different platforms. The trend has been observed in recent years to remain valid also in 2021.