October 19, 2021

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Tokenization, fintech and blockchain are the topics that will be discussed today in Colombia 4.0

This Wednesday 6 October, as part of the Colombia 4.0 forum, we will discuss tokenization and fintech. Will be the Head of Capital Markets and Expansion of the company SeSocio.com, Valeria Laico and the economist María Fernanda Ordóñez; those who direct the exhibition.

According to a short publication by the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC), on the second day of the program agenda, Laico will explain what tokenization is, what is legal and what is not, and will disprove the numerous myths that exist around blockchain networks.

In Therefore, the specialist in nature-based solutions, the host of Colombia 4.0, María Fernanda Ordóñez, will be in charge of conducting the speech called «Open banking for mannequins «, And, in addition, will organize the panel« The role of women in the fintech industry ».

The founder of the Bankamoda company (one of the most successful Colombian fintech companies), the economist María del Mar Palau, as well as Mathilde Viola, Mónica Ramírez, co-founder and CEO of the TowerTech company, as well as Masayo García, of Mastercard, are expected .

C olombia 4.0, an “inspiring space”

Since yesterday, Tuesday 5 October, the new episode of the Colombia 4.0 event is underway which, for Palau, is “an inspiring space for the MinTIC” because it promotes “more inclusive and motivating scenarios so that more women participate in the digital sectors and cover roles of leadership in the ICT sector. “

The challenge is, therefore, to encourage more women to join the digital world and choose to study careers related to the development of ICT.

María del Mar Palau, economist and founder of the Bankamoda company.

The female presence this year in that event is more relevant than in previous episodes, something extraordinary, taking into account that this forum is one of the most important for the creative and IT industries in Colombia.

In detail, out of 220 Tores exhibitions, 90 women from all sectors will take part in 50 conferences, panels, workshops and conversations that will take place throughout the program, which will last until 7 October.

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