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Tips for hiring a software architecture consultant

Tips for hiring a software architecture consultant

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for a highly experienced software architecture consultant, both among start-ups and established organizations. In this article, we go into detail on what software architecture is and its types, how a technology and software architect consultant can help businesses of any scale, and how to choose the right expert for your business.

Understanding the software architecture specifications

Software architecture can be defined as the process of using both technical requirements and operational objectives with the aim of creating a solution that guarantees the organization’s quality performance, maintainability and safety.

As highlighted by Philippe Kruchten, software architecture requires not only knowledge of software creation, but also an understanding of the domain of the problem. Selecting the right environment and infrastructure creates the foundation, then layered with interconnected add-on software and services.

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Review of the most used types of software architecture

Many types of software architecture would be relevant to particular companies and particular business requirements. Let’s take a look at the most used types:

  • Object oriented. This option is one of the most used, with the application divided into separate responsibilities and the system as a collection of objects. Software built with this type is highly scalable, robust, easy to maintain, and associated with shorter development times and costs.
  • Domain based. Also known as Domain Driven Design (DDD), it is another popular business application architecture based on the principles of object-oriented analysis and design, focusing on the domain model rather than technology.
  • Service oriented. It is a collection of modular services that communicate with each other and create a plug-n-play environment, which allows many advantages in terms of time-to-market and business agility.
  • Microservices. Being the evolution of the service-oriented option with different implementations, a microservices architecture consists of small autonomous and autonomous services that encapsulate a specific business capacity, thus allowing for easier implementation, regulation and maintenance.
  • Client-server. It is also known as a two-tier architecture, with some services running on the server and called by the client, convenient for small, monolithic solutions. However, it would be difficult to evolve such a structure into a three-tier or peer-to-peer structure.
  • Appearance oriented. It focuses on solving modularity problems to improve the existing structure design instead of completely replacing it by making the code more modular and manageable.
  • Onion. The entities of the domain are found in the innermost layer and do not depend on the outer layer, but the outer layer may depend on its layers.
  • Component-based. This type divides the app into modular and reusable components that encapsulate a specific functionality.
  • Guided event. This option usually involves working with events created and processed between different software components and includes at least three decoupled players (producer, pipeline and consumer). Useful for highly scalable and distributed software.

Software Architect Consultant: Software Consultant vs. Software Architect

Although a software architect and a software architect consultant may seem similar, there are some crucial differences between these two job positions. Let’s take a look at the information summarized in the table below:

Software consultant Software architect
Role Advice on the most relevant architectural solution based on the needs of the company / assistance to the software architect in its implementation Creation / implementation of the architecture for a project / organization
Responsibility Provide expert-level consulting services to companies looking for an outside professional with rich industry experience and a proven track record of successful projects Ensure beneficial type selection, bespoke implementation and further maintenance that will help the organization achieve its technology goals
Hourly rates $ 65 / hour $ 66 / hour

TO software architect consultant is more of an independent consultant working with management and stakeholders, who can help the company align its technology strategy and software architecture with business needs to ensure the best possible performance, delivery and collaboration of all facilities within the company.

TO software developer consultant they may not know some technical specifications inherent in a particular organization, but they think globally and see a big picture that should be implemented, based on their excessive knowledge and experience in the field, according to Forbes.

TO software architect is usually an internal expert responsible for the implementation of the consultant’s architectural solution. The software architect can work on a peer basis with the consulting expert, adopt industry best practices and global approaches, learn and discuss ways and means to implement the agreed solution. On the other hand, a software architect can only take care of the implementation / fine-tuning of the software architecture by himself after receiving recommendations / guidelines from the consultant.

Although the software architect can develop a suitable software architecture for a business and these experts are in high demand these days, according to the HR Technologist, there are many benefits to opting for software architecture consulting services. to take your processes to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some statistics associated with the software architecture consultant’s job position:

Advantages of hiring a consultant for technology software architects

A software architecture consultant is an independent industry expert who assists small and large organizations in technical decisions on choosing the type of architecture, components, additional services, approaches to security, performance optimization, and more .

Usually, companies tend to hire a software consultant when they are aiming for one or all of the following benefits:

  • Fresh look. An independent software architecture consultant can take an unbiased look at the company’s needs and goals, suggest a more relevant option than the existing one, or guide on building the right app architecture from scratch if needed.
  • Best practices. Consultants are generally more knowledgeable about best practices, industry standards, and workable solutions than software architects working on just one project.
  • Advanced knowledge. Thanks to many years of experience in the specific sector and the ability to work with various companies in different locations, a software architect advisor possesses advanced knowledge of architectural mapping and implementation.
  • Convenient solution. In many cases, it is much more beneficial to hire a senior developer consultant for a short time and get the company’s needs review and software architecture implementation plan created rather than having such a highly experienced specialist internally in addition to the designers themselves. of the software.

Useful example of an architectural consultant resume to consider

If you are looking for a senior level expert and need to define the architecture consultant responsibilities and skills needed for your project, see an architecture consultant resume example below that will help you create an ideal candidate profile.

When choosing the architectural consultancy expert to work with, it is also crucial to pay attention not only to the candidate’s technological experience but also to his / her soft skills:

  • A professional-level consultant should have exceptional listening and analytical skills. The expert consultant should be able not only to listen to the needs of the company, but also to listen to the real needs of the company to find the most suitable solution.
  • High-level communication skills are also a must because a consulting expert must be able to communicate the reasoning behind the architectural solution to management and organize the work of the technical office to achieve the desired result.
  • Thinking outside the box is also important for a software architect consultant as this feature helps to find the most relevant structure and technology that will require optimal resources and result in an optimal budget.

IT architecture consultancy costs in various countries

Now, let’s take a look at the hourly rates of software process consultants in different countries. Hourly rates are based on statistics from Glassdoor, SalaryExpert and Payscale, as well as research by our recruiting team on several local job portals:

* Rates are provided by research done by our internal recruiting team on local job boards

As you can see, given the same level of knowledge and expertise, a Ukrainian architect consulting expert charges 2-3 times less than the American or Swiss software engineer consultant. This is why more and more companies tend to recruit remote software architects, which comes as a cost-effective solution.

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