September 18, 2021

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#THURSPOETRY: Tamutswa Muzana – The Ultimate Seeds

#ThursPoetry returns this week with more Zimbabwean poems in collaboration with The Gourd of Consciousness.

Hundreds of hundreds

Tamutswa Muzana was born on January 2, 1977 and went to school at St Michael’s Primary in Buhera, St Judes Primary Nyazura, Mavhudzi and Waddilove High School. Tamutswa is an attorney for Tapera Muzana and Partners. He is a member of Gourd of Consciousness Poetry and loves to write poetry in both Shona and English, found in numerous Shona anthologies, such as Chitubu Chenduri, Mayngira, Mafuro enduri

The latest seeds

Children are the last seeds,
And all the other seeds are of lower rank,
And all these other suits have a lower rank
And the existence of true seeds should serve,
The seeds of the future

The world got tipsy,
While people now heroes love ordinary seeds,
Increasing their craving for money and wealth,
Above the last seeds,
Accumulating obscene riches while neglecting the true seeds,
Wreaking havoc on our death,
As we leave the true unbridled seeds with money and character,
And they ride with wealth to their own death

The real seeds are the leaders of tomorrow,
If we fail with them, the world is in turmoil,
Since no other seed can save the world,
Accept the real seed,
Which is well preserved for posterity and more!