October 19, 2021

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#ThursPoetry: Praise Pasirayi-Gwabanayi – Untitled

#ThursPoetry peaks unevenly on your Friday with an original poem from Zimbabwe, thanks to our friends at Gourd of Consciousness.

Praise to Pasirayi-Gwabanayi

Rumbidzayi Pasirayi-Gwabanayi is a lover of art and poetry. By day a copywriter, also an author and poet. Her poetry crosses themes ranging from femininity, colonial tendencies, love and stereotypes of society. After publishing his first untitled Amazon anthology ‘Words Belong to Me’ in 2015, The Queue Anthology with young writers from Zimbabwe 2020/2021, Love Bites Anthology 2021 and Benzi Rakanda Muguri Muchoto Anthology with Kudakwashe Gwabanayi 2021; he believes that every writer has the opportunity to be heard and to exhibit their work. For this reason, he runs online book reviews on Facebook, poetry workshops, writers’ workshops, and WhatsApp sessions that teach and introduce the aspiring writer to new fiction and a new way of thinking. By giving meaning to art, aspiring writers have access to opportunities and information about the publishing process, where to get ISBN numbers, write and keep their art alive.


Scars it hides
Midnight rings and she can hear footsteps,
Then the sound of the keys,
His breathing intensifies,
How do you know what’s going to happen.

A slap, a punch in the face,
A push to the wall or the treatment of silence?
His heart is cold, his body is now used,
And constantly mating with the wall,
Her once beautiful face, now accustomed to blood,
Drunk and bruised breath covering with foundation.

Deep in her heart she screams,
For freedom, for this to pass,
Lost in pain, lost in emotional abuse,
He begins to think it’s normal and yet he loves …
Yet she is massacred,
His self-esteem destroyed by the one he claims to love.

No sweet moments,
Or little things from her lover,
From the father of his children and yet he still loves.
While another woman out there basks in the glory of sweet words,
From what you call HUSBAND.
Online yet never with you.

Facebook chat yet is never with her.
When will the abuse stop?
When will men start to like their women?
A woman you chose to marry and deflower?
When you understand that you need her,
When does he pack his bags and leave?
When is he fed up with your abuse?
When another man showered her with praise
Should you give?

When will you wake up?
We are still in that age when women used to wait,
Did he die waiting for a Husband who left for another?
Dead in spirit, body and soul from a man.

[ https://3-mob.com/entertainment/thurspoetry-rumbidzayi-pasirayi-gwabanayi-untitled/ https://d26toa8f6ahusa.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/30214746/a-quiet-place-part-2-bigs-16.pdf