October 25, 2021

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This War Between Good and Evil Didn’t Start Yesterday… And It Won’t End Today. • Сталкер Zone

This War Between Good and Evil Didn't Start Yesterday... And It Won't End Today. • Сталкер Zone

Aleksandr Kontorovich, writer:

Very often, the author is usually asked – “How was the idea of your book born, and what did you mean by this?” This usually happens after the book has been published, and numerous critics have managed to tear its plot to shreds, coming up with their own explanation for each of them.

It’s like saying: the author wanted to say this…

“No,” says another critic. “You’re wrong, he meant something else!”

And when all the debaters have already tired each other out – then, finally, they remember about the author himself – and turn to him for explanations.

Sometimes, in the process, it suddenly turns out that all the debaters were wrong – and no one understood the main idea of the book at all.

To facilitate the future work of critics, we will try to explain some key points.

This book is not a spy thriller.

And not “about the war”.

Although both are present here.

The book contains descriptions of military operations and examples of the work of intelligence agencies. But that’s not what we wrote about…

All of the above is nothing more than a background. Where the main events unfold. And the heroes of the book are not the military and intelligence officers. They are important, but not the most important characters.

The real heroes of the book are children. Ordinary, not outstanding among their peers. Not prodigies and not particularly gifted – simple boys and girls.

And their companions are all well-known cats. Not quite ordinary, yes… but the fact is that it is children who are sometimes able to see in well-known things their true purpose. See – and accept. Without finding out the reasons, the circumstances of the appearance here and now, and much more – just accept it as it is.

Accept – and make friends with the unknown. Don’t try to bend them to your will, as adults usually do, dissect and study… just accept this friendship. It is quite enough for them that a loyal friend is standing next to them. A friend who will not betray or abandon, will not hesitate to give up their life for the fact that children’s laughter still sounds over the earth.

And it is in difficult circumstances that this manifests itself most strongly. It is at this time that children, more than anyone else, need help and support. And adults … they are busy with their own, undoubtedly important and necessary, business.

But, their own all the same.

And they can not always have time to warn children from some dangers and missteps. 

Sometimes – very dangerous missteps…

Such circumstances have always been wars and all sorts of conflicts. It is not so important where this war is going – in ancient Russia, in the powder-smelling Caucasus of the 18th century, or in modern Donetsk – it falls on children everywhere. And the old companions of the military – unusual cats – gradually began to understand that not only brave and brave warriors need their friendship and help – there are others… Those who, due to lack of strength and life experience, are simply not yet able to protect themselves on their own.

And the cats made their choice.

It was also made by the opposite side – those who from ancient times sowed discord and enmity between people.

Everyone chose their side – and stood next to those they wanted to help.

Some risked their lives to save their pupils.

Others, hiding in the darkness, continued to deceive the easily obnoxious people. To fool – and turn into an obedient tool for the fulfilment of their desires.

This war between good and evil didn’t start yesterday… and it won’t end today.

But we can help the good by taking a closer look at what is around us.

Look closely – and understand… Understand the difference between empty words in a beautiful package. Between the not always pleasant truth.

Between fiction and reality.

Between white and black…

Faina Savenkova, playwright, writer: