September 18, 2021

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The younger brother of a popular Nigerian activist killed by suspected shepherds

Olajide Sowore, the younger brother of Sahara Reporters Publisher and human rights activist Omoyele Sowore, was shot dead in Edo state.

Omoyele, who used social media with deep sorrow to write a tribute to his brother, said Olajide was killed today September 4 near Okada, Edo state, by “herdsmen / kidnappers”, on his way from. ‘University of Igbinedion in the state of Edo where he was is practicing Pharmacy.

Recalling how he traveled extensively with his younger brother and other brother, the activist described Olajide as the one who made everyone happy, sneaked his older ones to parties, and took all the blame when their father disciplined he found out.

He added that the deceased was an out-of-the-box thinker who decided school wasn’t for him, created his own musical genre, and then turned to school after he was nearly 50.

Omoyele Sowore wrote;

My immediate younger brother, Olajide Sowore, was killed near Okada in Edo state today by shepherds / kidnappers who reportedly traveled from Igbinedion University in Edo state, where he was studying pharmacy.

They have extinguished life, yet another real human being!

Rest in power, “Dr. Mamiye! “

This act in itself will not delay their day of justice.

I traveled extensively with you and our father as a child. You were the most beloved stout boy I ever met. You, Mr. Magnet, had no enemies!

You, Mr. Sunshine Foundation who made everyone happy.

You, the kid who sneaked his older ones to parties, taking all the blame when our disciplined father found out.

You, the guy who was an out-of-the-box thinker who decided school wasn’t for you and created your own musical genre and then turned around to go to school after you were almost 50!

You lived your life so that everyone could be okay, but now murdered by everything that is not okay!

Saddest day ever!