June 15, 2021

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The wave of armed robbery crimes in Bulawayo needs urgent attention

In the past two months, there has been a surge in violent armed robberies in Bulawayo.

Photo by Max Kleinen we Unsplash

A life has already been claimed, a woman who worked for Liquor Supplies in Ascot, Bulawayo. She was shot twice in the head.

A van passing through the Parklands Choppies store was robbed with a gun

On Friday, a gas station attendant was fighting for his life after being shot in the chest during an armed robbery at a Flo garage in Tshabalala, Bulawayo. Witnesses claim 3 shots were fired as a three-man gang seized an undisclosed amount of money at the gas station near Ihlathi High zimlive.

There are more cases, at least seven more, of violent crimes, particularly with firearms occurring in Bulawayo.

And in all of this, the tragicomedy of this situation is how poor the police of the Republic of Zimbabwe are.

The editor of Zimlive, Mduduzi Mathuthu, said: “The robbery and shooting in Tshabalala today – there have been many in Bulawayo – comes after this passionate appeal by the police officer in charge of the province, who asked private companies to save the ZRP “.

Commissioner Patton Mbangwa, in charge of Bulawayo, says the province has only 12 vehicles. It is so ridiculous that at some stations the vehicle cannot move without a push start.

This obviously encourages criminals, who know the police have no resources.

While the police blamed private security companies for using toy guns and if they are real, too frantic to use as they cause random qualities, they said very little about their own incompetence.

Real people are being shot, killed and stuff like that. They rely on the government and especially the police to address safety and security issues.

The government, when it came to power after Mugabe, said it would change the relationship with the public, many of whom had lost faith in the police, mainly on corruption charges. The fear for many will be that some corrupt cops working with criminals is real. Government providing a word-of-mouth service to address these issues is disheartening.

Harare continues to applaud itself when it comes to the neoliberal economic agenda and cops, how many people they have arrested for Covid-19 regulations. However, the raging fire in Bulawayo requires a lot of attention. The police met with businesses in the city to see what could be done. The need for the entire city to take care of it is evident.

Mathuthu says there is a need for a task force, “The police must now offer a financial reward to anyone with information capable of solving the series of armed robberies in Bulawayo in the past three months or so. Someone somewhere knows. This now needs a Task Force ”.

This must be nipped in the bud before the violent crime in Buawayo spreads to Johannesburg. Or worse, it expands its business to other cities, given its success.

And for a country that has been known to be peaceful, with only petty crime, you don’t want that.