September 23, 2021

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The United States and its allies lost the war in Afghanistan. We all deserve to know why.

Task and purpose: The war in Afghanistan is over but military leaders are still trying to hide their failures

No more excuses.

With the Taliban in total control of Afghanistan, Americans deserve to know how the Afghan security forces collapsed in just over a week, despite a nearly 20-year, $ 88 billion US military effort. to train, equip and lead Afghan troops and police.

Army General Austin “Scott” Miller, the last commander of all US and allied troops in Afghanistan, may provide lawmakers with some of the answers when he testifies to Congress next week – but the broader American public will not hear anything. of all this. The hearing will be behind closed doors.

This enforced secrecy has become the norm for Miller and other military leaders, making it nearly impossible to obtain background information on the state of the war in Afghanistan in at least the last three presidential administrations.

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WNU Editor: The United States and its allies lost the war in Afghanistan. We need to know why. This is the only reason I hold back from asking this …. Shoot the military and intelligence who messed around in Afghanistan now (Glenn H. Reynolds, NYPost).