September 23, 2021

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The United Nations is calling for the frozen assets of Afghanistan to be immediately released to the Taliban

The hill: United Nations Urges Release of Afghanistan’s Frozen Assets to Prevent “Severe Economic Recession”

On Thursday, the United Nations called for the release of Afghanistan’s frozen assets to avoid a “severe economic downturn”, two days after the Taliban formed an interim government, Reuters reported.

“The economy must be able to breathe for a few more months, giving the Taliban the opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and a genuine willingness to do things differently this time, particularly from the point of view of human rights, gender and the fight against terrorism, “Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan told the Security Council.

Lyons also addressed concerns that the Taliban would misuse the funds, saying guarantees should be placed around the assets.

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To update: UN warns that Afghanistan needs money to prevent total collapse (Reuters)

WNU Editor: Having said that all Afghan funds should be released, a UN admission that they are concerned about the safety of their staff from the Taliban …. UN says Afghan staff are increasingly harassed and intimidated by the Taliban’s takeover (Reuters).