October 26, 2021

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The UEFA Champions League will have its own NFTs

The UEFA Champions League, the most important club tournament in world football, will launch its non-fungible tokens (NFT) and will include the best players on the planet. It will be the Topps company to develop them, after becoming an official partner of the tournament.

The agreement between the European Union of Associated Football (UEFA) and Topps has a duration of six years according to Sports Pro Media. Although the contract with the confederation has already been terminated, the company now has to negotiate separately with the clubs be able to use their image rights and exhibit their creations in a They will create a new platform for this purpose.

Like this, fans will be able to capture unique moments recorded in videos and images and registered on the blockchain. In principle, the NFTs will consist of iconic videos of the great moments that this competition has given from 1992 to the present. However, we could also add cards that report historical milestones of the competition, many of which are born every season.

As Cryptopedia explains, non-fungible tokens are a cryptographic representation of a single, unrepeatable and scarce asset. These digital objects they become collectibles because there are usually one or very few of each type. Furthermore, they are based on smart contracts – generally from the Ethereum network – and this allows them to be non-fungible, that is, none of them is interchangeable with another identical one.

Match Attax is Topps’ NFT card game that also covers games of
the UEFA Champions League. Source: Topps Match Attax / twitter.com

For its part, the Champions League is the title that every professional footballer would like to win at least once. Each year, the traditional “orejona” brings together the best European clubs in a competition that runs from August to May of the following year. Recent champions include institutions such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Chelsea and Barcelona.

NFTs in elite football around the world

Topps, the developer who will create the UEFA Champions League NFTs, already has a track record to prove his performance on the pitch. These are the tokens of the National Hockey League (professional hockey league in the United States), the Marvel comic company, Star Wars and Disney.

Now, when it comes to football, NFTs have gained a lot of ground during 2021. For example, as reported by CriptoNoticias, major national team competitions held mid-year had their own depiction of fantasy football on NFT.

The same happened with the best international clubs such as AC Milan and with renowned stars of the football universe, such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, among others.

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