September 17, 2021

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The trace of the Kremlin on the burning streets of Paris

The trace of the Kremlin on the burning streets of Paris

Because the Kremlin’s propaganda machine started yesterday morning with excuses and attempts to part ways with the protests in France. And all because two unfortunate Frenchmen – well known to a small circle of Russian geopolitical officials – decided to unfold the flag of the Kremlin’s proxy DPR formation against the backdrop of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. And when curious internet users decided to find out who these unfortunate vested monsieurs are – who no doubt are “deeply concerned” not only about fuel tariffs, but also about the remote “Donbass people” – many interesting details are emerged to the surface, which can be compared to the scale of the Petrov-Boshirov story.

the photo itself

It didn’t take long to discover that the sympathizers of the Moscow proxy terrorists in the photo are Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moro. Furthermore, if the former is a president of the Doomsday organization and a member of Marin Le Pen’s party and heads the Katekhon analytical center, whose supervisory board includes Russian propagandist Alexander Dugin (one of the ideologues of the expansion of the Russia in Eurasia), and the center itself is funded by the GRU, then the second men – Xavier Moro – played the role of international observer in a show called “popular elections”, the Russian secret services organized in the occupied part of the Donbass, and even wrote a propaganda pamphlet “Ukraine. Why France is deceiving itself”.

Shortly after Paris was gripped by riots and fires, and French interior minister Christoph Castner said the most radical groups among the protesters are the people, linked to M. Le Pen’s political party, Bloomberg’s resource reported. unprecedented activity of Russian bots in social networks supporting protests.

According to Bloomberg, just yesterday, more than 600 pro-Kremlin bots on Twitter started cracking the hashtag #giletsjaunes, backing the Yellow Vests protests. Furthermore, these accounts had previously worked on the direction of the United States and the United Kingdom, which is not surprising, considering Moscow’s foreign policy. Since the end of November, they have abruptly switched to protests in Paris, even throwing fakes about police sympathies to protesters and possible rebellion within the security forces themselves. There are even videos, made inside the protesting crowd, where you can clearly hear that some of them are communicating in Russian, some words seem more like commands to the groups. For example, in this video we can clearly hear someone shouting “nazad!“(come back, come back from Russian), and a group of people in yellow vests obey.

And in the end, against the backdrop of all of the above, Moscow launches a media campaign of separation from protests. And this morning, Medusa, Russia’s “opposite” media resource, along with the rest of the propaganda machine, started criticizing Sorlin and Moreau’s act, referring to a Ukrainian provocation!

The latest protests in France have become a far-sighted opportunity for the Kremlin to destabilize France which not only conducts a very reserved policy towards the Russian Federation, but represents an unfortunate obstacle in the Middle East and directly in Libya. However, the operation conducted through controlled provocateurs between the radical part of the demonstrators and the large-scale information support of the Russian media, was carried out with brazen carelessness. Too quickly, aspects have been revealed that directly indicate who is behind the radicalization of the protests and where to look for sources of funding.

By the way, as I mentioned figures such as Petrov and Boshirov above, it is worth remembering their trip to Paris from 09.09.2017 to 17.09.2017, which was accompanied by large-scale protest actions against the policy of newly elected President Emanuel Macron . These protests were also widely reported in the Russian media and were accompanied by provocations. Coincidence?