September 18, 2021

Ukraine Breaking News

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The Taliban show the weapons captured during the victory parade in Kandahar

In videos posted on social media, the Taliban parade the hardware left by Afghan and US forces after the withdrawal of the last US troops left Afghanistan in the grip of the militant group.

The fighters waved white Taliban flags from Humvees and armored SUVs during the military parade, where many of the vehicles appeared in nearly pristine condition. The Taliban also staged an air show with a recently hijacked Black Hawk helicopter that flew over militants along the way while also following a white Taliban flag.

The parade took place the day after video footage showed militants making their way through an abandoned hangar at Kabul airport, littered with US-left equipment.

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In one video, militants dressed in American-style uniforms and armed with American-made weapons examined a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter parked in a hangar. Taliban fighters were also seen posing for photos while seated in the cockpits of planes and helicopters that once belonged to the Afghan Air Force.

But Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told CNN on Tuesday he was not “overly concerned about these images” of Taliban fighters examining the abandoned plane.

“They can inspect anything they want,” Kirby said. “They can look at it, they can go around, but they can’t fly with it. They can’t make it work. ”

He added that the US military had “disabled all airport equipment – all aircraft, all ground vehicles,” leaving only a few fire trucks and forklifts in operation.

Taliban fighters sit in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force plane at Kabul airport on Aug.31.

Efforts to reopen the Kabul airport resumed Wednesday when a team of technical experts from Qatar arrived in the Afghan capital, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.

The source said that the technical team went to Kabul on a Qatari jet at the request of the Taliban and that, although a final agreement has not yet been reached, “security talks and operations are still ongoing”.

The return of the Taliban has plunged the Middle East into unknown waters

“The goal is to safely resume flights to and from Kabul for humanitarian aid and freedom of movement.”

Afghanistan is highly dependent on foreign aid, and the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have already struggled to get food and medical supplies to the airport during the mass evacuation operation.

Even before the political upheaval of recent weeks, Afghanistan was the third largest humanitarian problem in the world, with over 18 million people in need of assistance, UNICEF. But as no commercial aircraft are currently allowed to land in Kabul, it will be difficult to get help.
A Taliban fighter takes a photo of a damaged Afghan Air Force helicopter near an airport hangar.

The restart of commercial flights will also be crucial for people who still want to leave the country but have not made it on military evacuation planes.

More than 123,000 people have been evacuated from the United States and coalition aircraft since Aug. 14, U.S. Central Command General Frank McKenzie said Monday.

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