September 18, 2021

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The Taliban race to embrace China. Promise to protect China’s interests

SCMP: Taliban in support of China’s “trusted friend” belt and road plan

Afghanistan will continue to participate in China’s Belt and Road initiative, the Taliban said, expressing hope to rely on Beijing’s investment and support to rebuild the war-torn country, while promising to protect Chinese interests.

The commitment of Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy director of the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar, came as China aimed to consolidate relations with the Afghan regime led by the Islamic militant group, despite many uncertainties.

On Thursday, in a telephone conversation with Chinese assistant foreign minister Wu Jianghao, Hanafi said the Islamic group “will take effective measures” to protect Chinese institutions and personnel in Afghanistan.

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Update n. 1: Afghanistan: Taliban will rely on Chinese funds, spokesman says (Al Jazeera)

Update n. 2: Taliban: China to keep embassy in Afghanistan and increase aid (MSN)

WNU Editor: China will say all the right things to keep their relationship with the Taliban on a positive note, but aside from some simple help, they will be cautious before making a serious financial commitment to the country.

Beijing also knows that time will favor China to get better conditions in any development / business project with the new Taliban government. Nobody will invest in Afghanistan right now, and that will be Beijing’s lever.