June 15, 2021

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The Red Sox win a crazy match against Astros

The Red Sox win a crazy match against Astros

2021-06-11 03:17:28

BOSTON – On a wild Thursday night at Fenway Park, the Red Sox stopped being fooled by the Astros and put together perhaps their funniest performance of 2021, saving the finale of a three-game streak with a win for 12 -8 much needed.

With an electric crowd of 23,378 people making their presence felt all night, the Sox and Astros traded hay makers and oddities. The Red Sox have added a great home defense to the mix.

Here are some of those hay producers:

JD Martinez scored a solo home run in center left to equalize the match in the third before Christian Vázquez provided a lead with a single RBI. The Astros responded with four runs at the top of the fifth, highlighted by a Kyle Tucker brace that eliminated the bases.

No problem, the Sox said. Christian Arroyo responded quickly in the lower fifth with a 437-foot moonshot, three-run that flew over the Green Monster and over Lansdowne Street or maybe further to tie the game, 7-7.

The tie lasted about the time it took a fan to stop a Fenway Frank. Jose Altuve scored a two outs, only homer in the sixth and the Astros are back on top.

As you can probably imagine, their lead didn’t last in the innings. The Red Sox regained all the momentum and maintained it with a sixth of five points which was crowned by the collapse of rookie Bobby Dalbec who nearly punctured the green monster with a double two-point laser beam.

Teams came together to score four points on a walk or throwing shot. There was an inside flight rule called with Rafael Devers batting being hit 211 feet in the air in the short center court, where Carlos Correa camped under it and dropped him.

Seconds after Vázquez took the ball one in the sixth, a fan flew onto the pitch in what seemed like a record time, only to be tackled by a slew of security guards.

There was also a thrilling defense, most notably when Alex Verdugo threw a 95 mph throw to take down Altuve trying to stretch a single into a double.