July 29, 2021

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The radical left wants to return to the communist-style blocs again | Roce today

I wondered how long it would take before the radical left started pandering to coronavirus cases and new outbreaks, suggested restrictions, and even their communist-style blockades once again. It didn’t take long.

In fact, Los Angeles County kicked things off with a new indoor activity mask mandate. Chicago has started adding states to their travel restriction list where they’ll enforce a negative COVID test if you’re not vaccinated. I’m just waiting for Governor Andrew Cuomo to release his next book and resume his restrictions as well.

The main media have also taken up the theme of “panic”. Story after story talks about how dangerous the coronavirus is and how aggressive the delta variant is. There has been talk of how deaths can rise again. This week felt very 2020-ish to me.

Not only that, but the Biden regime’s ongoing conversations about how they believe Americans will give up their freedom to save their neighbors from the coronavirus. President Joe Biden has gone so far as to suggest that Americans who post information online sharing information about the coronavirus, along with Big Tech companies that allow it, are simply killing their fellow Americans.

Don’t you find it interesting that the coronavirus narrative picked up very quickly as recent election updates started rolling out of Georgia and Arizona?

After all, our social media posts were blocked, restricted, and even reported by Big Tech outlets during the election chaos. We were labeled “far right” for suggesting there were concerns about the 2020 election. We said there were concerns about mail order votes and the potential for fraud.

Yes, we were told we were simply spreading election misinformation here at the Liberty Loft. But now, the world is seeing that we were really telling the truth. Along with millions of other Americans.

Thousands of votes, enough to overturn the election results, were called into question in Arizona and Georgia. They will certainly not be the only states with electoral questions. Districts where the counts were changed to be 100% for Joe Biden and where a lot of extra votes were found. But you know, that man tweeting bad things was a liar and he was just trying to destroy confidence in the election and provoke a riot against our federal government.

As news about the elections began to spread, the radical left immediately returned to their coronavirus script. Just like a good sports team coach who found a game that works, the left has returned to its game that forced Americans into submission and helped take out Donald Trump.

They thought that if it was good enough to destroy a good economy, carry out a communist agenda, eliminate a freedom-loving president, and force Americans into submission, it sure was good enough to calm any worries about election results again, right? All they have to do is make Americans believe that their lives are at risk and that they will simply run around the house, hide, quit their jobs or do whatever the radical left wants Americans to do as part of their communist agenda. .

But this time it won’t happen. Americans have become much wiser about what is happening. Sure, the delta variant is real and people are getting sick but it shouldn’t lead to the ridiculous measures proposed by the radical left. But it’s a good distraction from real news about how the elections were in fact riddled with corruption.

I expect more left-wing governors to start acting in the coming days. I expect that the cases will continue to grow and that they will try to implement their blocks once again. Everyone knew that variants of a coronavirus would occur. Many infectious disease experts have shared that this is common and that new strains are typically weaker and weaker until they become like the common cold, which is also a coronavirus.

This, however, will not stop the left. They have a medium of fear and destruction and will continue to use it. They will continue to try to impose vaccines on Americans who don’t want them, arguing that it is for the safety of other Americans.

While they argue that giving up freedom is saving lives, giving up that freedom ignores the lives that were given to give us freedom. The thousands of people who have died and therefore have the right to be free are suffering at the hands of those who lead our nation who simply believe they can take that freedom away to force their Marxist ideas.

It just seems ironic that the story has started to fade, but as soon as new election news arrives, it gets pushed straight into the mainstream media. It certainly seems that they want to divert attention from the truth. It’s not true?

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