September 18, 2021

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The Prophet’s Mosque Library..a beacon of knowledge and knowledge

The Library of the Prophet’s Mosque is an important center of knowledge in the Prophet’s city – may God bless him and grant him peace – and contains large collections of sources of knowledge, as well as providing its visitors with many ways to obtain knowledge in its various forms.
In the year following the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him – approved the proposal to establish the library of the Prophet’s Mosque in 1352 AH. Its first director was Ahmed bin Yassin Al-Khayari, and his first location was on the top floor of Bab Omar bin Al-Khattab – may God be pleased with him. About him – In the northwestern part of the first Saudi expansion , and in 1428 AH, the Agency of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque assigned a site in the northwestern surface of the second Saudi expansion that houses all the rooms and is accessed by climbing the escalator at gate no. 10, where he works The general administration of the Prophet’s Mosque Library and its affiliated departments receive visitors and pioneers 24/7 throughout the year and contain 10 different tasks for the convenience of visitors, researchers and students of knowledge.
The library encompasses a number of specialized departments and sections, including the Intelligent Digital Library Department, which came after the global digital transformation of information, as running a library in the Prophet’s Mosque saw the use of computers had become a necessity for students and researchers, and provided five computers containing certain books loaded on the same devices.This passage was the core from which the digital library began, and in 1425 AH a room was opened in Gate 12 leading the name (Digital Library), which contained 27 devices, then was converted into the Public Library, Gate 10, and in 1428 AH became an independent department with the name (Management The Intelligent Digital Library is affiliated with the General Administration of the Mosque Library The Prophet’s Now is includes several sections The digital library has (146,000) digital books.
As well as the Office Services Department and the Children’s Library Unit, which contains a large room and is equipped with all services such as air conditioning, lighting, Zamzam irrigation, mattresses, tables, chairs, computers and modern technical systems. to welcome all researchers and visitors. It also contains all the books that have been received by purchase, gift or donation. It holds more than 178,000 books and 516 lockers and can accommodate more than (300) visitors per hour, and there are (72) science and arts classifications. The books are arranged in alphabetical order according to the index letters of each book, and the books are marked with a digital “barcode” coding in different colors for each book. Classification, while the Children’s Library provides materials and welcomes children and includes more than (130) complete sources of stories, the Prophet’s biography and other books suitable for them.
The Prophet’s Mosque Library also includes the Manuscripts Department, located on the first and second floors of Bab Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him – at the end of the first Saudi expansion, and includes the treasury of the original manuscripts ( books and Korans), digital photographers, photocopiers, computers, materials and devices for the sterilization and maintenance of manuscripts AND an exhibition that displays exquisite examples of golden manuscripts and Korans with the best luxury books, and the department indexes the manuscripts in a way accurate and modern ways, including original manuscripts and digital photocopies, and keep them in the computer by scanning and keep the manuscripts in a special cabinet and in a suitable climate, and sterilized by the latest and healthiest sterilization methods and its restoration .

The Manuscripts Department also includes more than 600 handwritten copies of the rarest and most valuable manuscripts in the world, more than 250 printed copies of the Quran, more than 1,040 volumes of individual original manuscripts, more than 265 volumes of original manuscripts and collections containing 1,550 titles and messages, and includes over 260,000 digital manuscript titles, in addition to the Procurement Department, which is responsible for providing and securing new books for the library through purchase or donation, also indexes and classifies the books according to the classification followed in the library and presents the books to the scientific committee to assess how commensurate it is with the state of the Prophet’s Mosque.
The Department of Technical Services at the Library of the Prophet’s Mosque is in charge of binding and restoring books and preserving the printed Islamic heritage by paying attention to the quality of the binding, providing luxurious types and maintaining the tearing if it occurs in leather, heels and book cover, and the book data such as title, name and author are printed on the backs of the books and automatic and manual thermal course writings, and the administration carries out transparent plastic packaging for all jobs received by the administration as card packers in addition to his work in photography and printing, where the photography department serves all departments of the General Presidency for the affairs of the Prophet’s mosque in general and the library in particular, and the new books are sorted on paper. impurities and then electronically stored.
The library of the Prophet’s Mosque also contains the management of private libraries and periodicals, and private libraries which are intended for the libraries of scholars, sheikhs and others who equip their libraries on the library of the Prophet’s Mosque according to the rules followed, both the endowment was during his lifetime or a will from him after death, and the number of private libraries is currently (73) Library.
The Department of Private Libraries includes periodicals, which are periodic journals, works, and reports that are published annually, semiannually, or quarterly. For the benefit of researchers and visitors, whose number is (7,500) periodicals, as well as the Department of Languages ​​and Translation in the Library, which specializes in non-Arabic books for non-Arabic-speaking visitors to view in the Prophet’s Mosque. It contains books in different languages ​​such as Urdu, English, French, Turkish, Farsi and German, as well as more than 22 languages. In more than 2,400 paper books and more than 7,000 digital books, there are (6) copies of the Holy Quran for the blind and (67) special books for the blind.
Interestingly, the Prophet’s Mosque Library has seen many developments over the years and is a science and knowledge destination for interested researchers and college students, thanks to the books, literature, and various historical knowledge it contains. of the research services of the Library provides them with the service according to the intellectual property system, and its services Advice and assistance to researchers to carry out searches in indexes and classifications.


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