June 15, 2021

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The NYT defends racism, bigotry, dogmatic ideology and lies: it holds both Mara Gay and the NYT accountable.

So it happened.

The woman in the video is New York Times columnist Mara Gay and the context is the January 6 riot, Trump, Trump supporters, the political speech and the display of the American flag. Let’s review the statements he made:

  • “You know, the reality is here that we have a large percentage of the American population – I don’t know how large it is, but we have tens of millions of Trump voters who continue to believe that their rights as citizens are threatened simply by having to share. with others democracy “.
  • “I think as long as they see Americanity as that with whiteness, this will continue.”
  • “We have to figure out how to get every American to have a seat at the table in this democracy, but how to separate Americanness, America, from whiteness.”
  • “Until we are able to face it and talk about it, this will really continue,” he warned. I was on Long Island this weekend to visit a dear friend, and I was really upset. I’ve seen, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with [expletives] against Joe Biden on the back, Trump flags and, in some cases, just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing, because essentially the message was clear, it was: ‘This is my country. This is not your country. I own this. “
  • “What’s really worrying for me too is that it’s not just Democrats in Congress. I think there is a large percentage of Americans, even some of my colleagues in journalism, who are somehow involved in pretending that this is not the threat it is. This is the real concern. Because, you know, Trump voters who won’t join democracy are a minority. You can marginalize them in the long run. But if we don’t take the threat seriously, then I think we’re all really in a bad way. “

So to be clear Ms. Gay states that if you disagree with Biden’s policies, anti-white racism, CRT, BLM, Open Borders amnesty / welfare for all, HR1 dismantling of fair and free elections and support for vicious fanaticism, hatred of over 80 million Americans – ATTACK THE AMERICAN FLAG TO WHITE! Oh, and you are a threat to our democracy.

Again Ms Gay assigns the above that she is not on board as Trump supporters, so it is a fact that all Trump and Trump supporters are white supremacists and an existential threat to our country and the Democrats and the media treat it best with them now.

Incidentally, the United States of America is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic that explicitly rejects the government of the mafia, read Here for a good summary of this point.

So how do you solve a problem like “Mara Gay?” Forgive me, I loved the “Sound of Music” soundtrack – so I had to go there. The answer is that you apply the same standard to Ms Gay as all the other victims of the campaign to wipe out leftist culture. Not only do you ask for it to be canceled, but press and highlight the role of the NYT by extension as well.
No, don’t turn the other cheek anymore. This is a war for the hearts and minds of Americans that will determine whether we will remain a free people of a constitutional republic with inalienable rights not granted by the government or succumb to sheer madness and live as the servants of a totalitarian Marxist state.

What is the position of the New York Times?

No, Ms Gay’s comments are by no means taken out of context.

Mrs Gay is a racist. Mrs Gay is a bigot. Mrs Gay is a dogmatic ideologue. Mrs Gay is a liar.

Americans who honor the American flag or display it as an expression of love and honor for their country have nothing to do with race. Americans who support President Donald Trump have nothing to do with race. Americans who reject Biden and democratic policies and actions are not embracing whiteness or any other Marxist propaganda label they wish to attribute. The political opposition is protected by the first amendment, Mrs Gay.

President Trump does not attribute the whiteness to the American flag, insipid, vile, evil creature of leftist indoctrination: he attributes sacrifice and FREEDOM for all Americans.

Those who identify as MAGA support America First Agenda which aligns more with Martin Luther King’s doctrine than Biden’s: it is color blind.

The NYT is the leader of the media package for indoctrinating this Marxist ideology and should be seen as a threat to the freedom of all Americans. Mrs Gay is just a flattering puppet for the publisher.

Hold them both accountable.

RWR original source syndication article.