July 29, 2021

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The New Left Segregationists

Segregationist with placard (photo by Steve Schapiro / Corbis via Getty Images)

Having been a university professor of economics for forty-one years, I am sometimes asked how university students – and the university world in general – have changed over the years. One answer I give is that when I started out I noticed that the campus Marxists – who had become “academics” not because they wanted lives as intellectuals but as political activists with steady jobs – were capturing or regrouping, say, five or ten percent. of incoming students and persuade them to become leftist agitators of the campus mob instead of spending time educating themselves. Uneducated, hypocritical, high-mouthed spittoons of left-wing clichés, in other words, just like their Marxist professors. Today I would say that a strong majority of college students would fall into that category, not just five or ten percent.

The reason for this is that cultural Marxism has haunted the lower levels of education, starting with elementary school. Today, most college freshmen have already been relentlessly subjected to the constant repetition of Marxist clichés for twelve years. I’ve had students who simply couldn’t understand the simplest and most basic concepts in economics, but could give a two-hour talk on global warming, how “diversity is our strength” or just about any other leftist fad. He has been taught that rejecting the clichés of the left makes one an enemy of society and, of course, a racist. If you’re wondering why so many college students say they prefer socialism to economic freedom, this is it. This, and the fact that he was never taught anything about socialist reality in particular and about the economy in general.

One positive thing I’ve noticed over the years has been that by the 1990s the interaction between black and white students had become, for the most part, perfectly normal, with hardly any of them paying attention to skin color. There are of course exceptions, but the change in society has been very noticeable.

It wasn’t always like that. When I was a college student I was president of a fraternity for two years and we were the only integrated fraternity on campus. Black students were mostly socially segregated with their black student union (although many of them attended my fraternity parties after paying the $ 1 admission fee for non-members).

Among my best friends was Elmore Patterson, a whip-smart black from Sharon, Pennsylvania; Fred Taylor, a Jamaican from Montego Bay; and Ramon Martinez, a Puerto Rican from Bedford Stuyvesant (who once told me he had never seen a live cow before going to college in western Pennsylvania). Fred, Ray and I (and Bob Brautigam) ran a house painting business over the summer. At the time, even an Italian-American like me was considered a “minority” in the Waspish college I was attending! The college president once invited all the other fraternity presidents to a dinner and let me out, even though we had the highest enrollment and the highest grade point average of all the fraternities during my four years there. (We also had the best Animal House style parties, which is why I was left out).

It was truly extraordinary to witness, in a relatively short time, how race became largely irrelevant to the average college student, unlike my time when I was growing up and going to school in the far north of northwestern Pennsylvania. White American parents in generations after the 1960s obviously took to heart Martin Luther King, Jr.’s admonition to judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin and educated their children about it. .

Then came the “cultural Marxist” college who now dominate almost all of academia in America. This seems to have started in the mid-1980s when Jesse Jackson led a crowd of Stanford University students in a protest march while singing “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go”. As the intellectual giant that he is, Jackson advocated for the elimination of teaching on the history of Western civilization at the university level. Too many high-level white guys. The Stanford administration diligently obeyed the wishes of the mob of ignorant and leftist singers led by a racial extortionist.

The distinguishing feature of the so-called cultural Marxists is that they reject the traditional Marxian theory of class struggle of the alleged antagonism between the capitalist and working “classes”. Previous generations of Marxists tried to get totalitarian power for themselves with that nonsense in Europe and America and it didn’t work.

So they invented a new strategy designed to recruit more than just workers for the cause. In the most recent “cultural” Marxist theory the class struggle is between an “oppressor” class and the “oppressed” classes, in particular all minorities, women, transgender people and all those other gender categories they have invented. The oppressor class is made up of all white heterosexual males; the oppressed classes include all others. This is why today’s Marxists are so bent on shoving the so-called “critical theory of race” down the throat of society. This “theory” repudiates Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings about race and instead teaches that all whites, even infants, are inherently evil and racist by virtue of the color of their skin. They judge people by the color of their skin, not the content of their character, they preach. Martin Luther King, Jr. is unceremoniously thrown under the bus. The “oppressors” of society, who are the sole causes of everyone else’s problems, are therefore easy to spot – and to demonize, erase, destroy.

This Marxist poison is taught today in American schools at all levels, in government and in some parts of the corporate world. It teaches black students, in particular, that their white classmates are all to be looked upon with deep suspicion because they secretly plan to harm them. This is why parenting groups of all races have risen to protest and combat this insidious form of institutionalized, Marxist-inspired hatred and segregation. How maddening it must be for parents to raise a child for eighteen years by teaching him to be color blind, and then have some of the dumbest people in the country, employed in universities, attempting to turn them into ignorant and hateful bigots like themselves. And charge parents $ 50,000 a year or more for the effort.

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