June 19, 2021

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The main advantages of competition in business

Competition feels exhausting, exhausting in this current competitive world. People don’t want to get involved in competitions. However, if you think deeply, you will discover how important competition is. Without competition, the workplace becomes boring; the quality of work decreases. Thus, we can easily say that the competition has some advantages. And in this article we will talk about the advantages of competition in business.

The word “competition” has always been thought of as something negative. Perhaps the reason is our tendency to prepare everything. Another reason could be the pressure it puts on us regarding our performance.

However, this negative connotation takes us away from thinking about the benefits. Next, we will try to discuss some of the main advantages of competition in business.

1. Increased awareness and ideas

Competition in a product line increases awareness of that specific item.

Even if you don’t consider mindfulness important for luxury items, you will definitely consider it for life-saving items.

A good example of this is the use of bottled mineral water. When it was first introduced to the market, people were unaware of it.

Hence, there was no demand or no demand for it in the market. But when several companies entered the same market, they all tried to do the same thing, spreading awareness about bottled mineral water.

When competitors increase in a field, it creates new ideas. Companies come up with several marketing ideas and plan to upgrade their services further. This new idea phenomenon offers more options for customers.


As a result, market penetration increases and the product receives better acceptance. We can see her perfect example in social networks. Digital television was once the only medium for social networking.

However, with the growth of many social networking platforms, people are now connected on more than one account – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. All this has only become possible thanks to the competition.

2. Same price, but high quality

We all tend to look for high quality products within our budget limit. And if you look closely, you will find the competitive advantage in this respect as well.

When there are several competitors on the market, everyone tries to invent something new, which leads to innovation.

While they don’t include new features, what they try to do is lower the price.

Consequently, we see that the more competitive a commercial sector is, the less price the same quality requires. This factor is one of the main competitive advantages in commercial offers.

With more competition, companies try to do marketing by lowering the price or adding new features, which results in an improved product line.

Overall, the high quality is maintained along with a hefty price tag. You don’t have to pay more or get low quality products.

3. Innovation

This is probably the best advantage the competition has to offer. Competitors need to keep in mind that people won’t buy from them if they don’t offer something unique. This is why competitors invent innovations in their products or lower the price.

But in today’s world, lowering the price doesn’t seem to be the key to attracting the public. On the other hand, innovations have always managed to keep more customers in their pockets.

Competition creates innovations in another way. When different companies are fighting for the same type of item, they all offer something different.

So when an existing company wants to upgrade their service, they can easily collaborate with other companies’ innovations. As a result, customers receive better service.

4. Greater customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction remains one of a company’s primary goals. Without adequate customer satisfaction, businesses can’t make enough money. Competition helps companies deliver greater customer satisfaction. How? We have previously discussed some benefits.

If you connect them to a business in real life, you will easily understand how customer satisfaction is improved. When people can buy goods at a low price or high quality products at a relatively low price, customer satisfaction increases.

Likewise, when there is sufficient market penetration, customers can easily choose from a wide variety of products, leading to better customer service.

Innovative ideas also improve people’s lives, resulting in greater satisfaction.

Also, when there are several competitors in a company, you can follow others in their specific region of specialization.

You will find several companies with a need for a similar customer base. And as an entrepreneur, you surely know the tremendous emphasis you need to place on customers.

So when you have other businesses of the same type around you, it becomes easier to find ideas and products that can lead to better customer service and satisfaction.

5. Differentiation

It is another major advantage of competition in business. When there are many competitors, it means many products of the same type.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to differentiate your product line from others. But how does this help your business or your customers?

Well, when you compare different products from different competitors, you can easily find out the merits of each, along with their downside.

As a result, you can implement that knowledge in the development of your product line and receive greater customer satisfaction.

You can improve the quality of your service. Furthermore, such differentiations will introduce new innovative products, offering something more or less unique.

And most importantly, the uniqueness you mix into your products will attract more audiences. And the greater the number of viewers, the greater the chances of success.

6. Increasing the size of the market

As more and more companies join the competition, the size of the market eventually increases. But if the size is only increased but not to that high quality, then the total effort is in vain.

However, competition between businesses also has a solution. When different companies compete for a similar product line, production becomes innovative.

And these innovative items ensure that the large size of the market remains attractive. Furthermore, this increased size initiates another opportunity.

Not all people can buy goods at the same price. While some people are ready to spend a generous amount, some can’t even afford the regular price.

But as the product range increases, there will be goods at different prices based on their properties and uniqueness.

People looking for luxury can then choose the item they prefer. And at the same time, people looking for something less expensive can easily choose something basic.

7. Market penetration and increase in consumption

If you compare the growth of different companies over time, you can easily determine how competition has led to increased market penetration and consumption. When there was only one brand for smartphones versus many brands for the same, people are buying more now.

Why? Why does consumption increase as the number of competitors increases? Well, the first answer to this is market penetration. With greater penetration, the quality improves.

And the second answer is competitive pricing, a great value strategy for any business.

Competitive prices it is one of the fundamental charging systems.

In this pricing system, a company sets its selling price based on that of its competitors. Sometimes they lower the price slightly but still manage to keep enough profits in their pocket.

With competitive prices, you don’t necessarily lower the price but increase consumption. As a result, you don’t have to face any losses at the end of the day due to the increase in sales. Differentiated products also help in the process.

8. Better motivation

It is one of the most powerful advantages of competition in business. As a startup company, you will need better motivation to bring your business to the top.

As business enthusiasts say, competition may seem rude, yet it is an effective motivator. When there is no competition, the desire to serve better or improve your business does not arise.

With the lack of several competitors, the price rises more and more, lowering customer satisfaction. Furthermore, no differentiation remains.

It leads people to boredom, creating a grueling atmosphere in their experience with the brand. In addition, non-differentiating brands lack quality, but the price remains high. More importantly, competition motivates both employees and employers of a company to come up with something innovative.

Also, when the company knows they can be defeated, it tries to keep up with the quality. Likewise, they always try to be at the top of the rankings.


Challenges are the guide for successful entrepreneurs. They don’t take it as a burden. Instead, they take it as an opportunity to grow, to provide better services.

If you see competition as a threat to your growth, your business can never expect good results. Instead, if you consider its advantages, you will discover how useful it can be in propelling you towards success.

With enough competitors around you, you can easily know your mistakes and those of others. It helps you to offer better services. And at the end of the day, you get to the top of the leaderboard.