October 16, 2021

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The Deputy Governor of Cross River is not competent to address labor issues – TUC

The Congress of Trade Unions (TUC) said Cross River State Deputy Governor Professor Ivara Esu does not have the competence to discuss the ongoing workers strike in the state with them.

As the strike enters the third day, the president of the TUC, Comrade Monday Ogbodum, has declared that he is ready to dialogue with the state government, but not with the deputy governor of the state.

“Prof Ivara Esu, the deputy governor usually does not have the mandate of the governor to handle sensitive state matters in his absence, so it will be useless to argue with him.

“We want to speak directly with the governor of the state, Professor Ben Ayade, who has been in France for almost two weeks. We are willing to wait for him to return from the trip with his 18 council presidents and commissioners ».

But the government said Ayade has since returned to the country.

According to the union, “Most things the deputy governor never gets the governor’s approval or mandate, so what’s the gist of meeting him? We will wait and meet only the governor ”.

He expressed sadness that their former colleagues, the retirees, were dying like flies every day as if what they were asking for was a privilege.

He stressed that gratuitousness, which is one of the demands they placed on the government, is their right, having earned it. He added that retirees deserve it.

He wondered why the governor had failed to pay retirees with the federal government’s Paris bailout funds, which came in three installments.

“Our retirees are dying, but the governor is busy traveling the world despite scarce resources,” he said.

Meanwhile, the deputy governor had expressed disappointment that organized labor had kept him waiting today without bothering to inform him that they would not be coming for the planned dialogue.

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