September 18, 2021

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The children’s game streaming television station is growing in popularity

Children love video games and consume a significant amount of game-related content. Kidoodle.TV is a family-friendly streaming platform that has expanded its offering to meet that demand.


Kidoodle.TV is a streaming platform for children and what sets it apart from other platforms is that all content has been watched by an adult before being available. This includes TV shows, YouTube-style content, and advertisements. This gives parents complete peace of mind and relieves the burden of having to control the content your child consumes. Kidoodle.TV works on both a freemium and premium model. Freemium accounts are funded by ads, which are also vetted. Premium accounts have access to the same content and parental controls, but do not receive any advertising content.

Adapt to increased demand

Kidoodle.TV launched in 2012 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since, but perhaps its growth has never been as great as during the pandemic. Families across North America transformed as parents started working from home and children also attended remote school. Parents needed a safe streaming option for children and Kidoodle.TV met this need. But as demand increased, it became clear that Kidoddle.TV wasn’t meeting all of the modern child’s content needs.

Children consume game content

Children love video games. In fact, almost everyone loves video games these days, and arguably no aspect of the entertainment industry saw such a huge surge in interest during that pandemic. Many parents also gained a greater appreciation for the content their children were consuming. Children not only enjoy playing video games, but also watching game-related content. This includes tutorials but also Let’s Play videos and streamers who have great personalities and share their interests.

Unsafe game content

Video games appeal to a wide range of people. Consider a game like Minecraft. It is loved by children but also by adults and has won millions of fans from all over the world. This means that Minecraft-related content can be quite different, and some may not be appropriate for you guys. Many kids are drawn to platforms like YouTube and Twitch for game content, but these are platforms that don’t give parents much control over the type of content their kids watch.

Like Kidoodle.TV serves children and parents

Since 2020, Kidoodle.TV has increased its video game library by 500%. This extended content includes television programs based on or inspired by video games. But it also includes the kind of content kids look for on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Kidoodle.TV has even teamed up with content creators. A great example is Abdallah Smash, who is a YouTube content creator who focuses on Nintendo games, creates kid-friendly material, and has proven very popular with kids.

The fact that all content is watched by an adult before being available on the stream is a big component of Kidoodle.TV’s success, but there is more to it. Kidoodle.TV is unsurpassed among streaming platforms when it comes to parental controls. Available via the app or website is what is known as the parent’s room. Through this room, parents have access to all of their child profiles, which is especially useful for parents with multiple children. Parents can monitor viewing habits, block access to particular content, set time limits, and even determine when automatic shutdown occurs.