September 18, 2021

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The biggest rapper feuds and how they started

Over the decades, rappers have clashed with some real and some fake. What are some of the biggest feuds in rap history and what led to it?

Let’s talk about some of the biggest rapper feuds you probably haven’t heard of.

Drake vs Meek Mill

Is Drake a rap artist who writes his own songs? This was the question that sparked one of the most famous international rap controversies of all time. A feud that has rocked the hip-hop industry from its inception in 2015 to its conclusion and four years later. “Stop comparing Drake to me too, he doesn’t write his raps,” Meek said in a tweet.

The prosecution unleashed a flurry of accusations and threats. Drake’s apparent ghost writer Atlanta rapper Quinton Miller was soon revealed and intervened. Drake’s longtime producer and collaborator defined the Toronto native as more than a rapper and therefore unconstrained by community codes and customs. Then there were tracks that must have been a diss track. Drake released uploaded in July 2015, followed by Back to Back. Before Meek could respond, the damage had already been done.

When Meek dropped “Wanna Know”, despite his reputation for tenderness, Drake was recognized as a formidable opponent in the feud. This feud was officially hushed up with the release of Meek Mill’s Going bad with Drake in 2019.

Tupac against the Notorious BIG

Tupac Shakur’s battle with the Notorious BIG has become the standard bearer of every subsequent hip-hop vision. It was a microcosm of a great East Coast versus West Coast or New York versus Los Angeles rivalry as it featured arguably the two greatest rappers of all time.

In 1993, Biggie, who grew up in Brooklyn, and Tupac, who lived in Los Angeles, first met. They became friends and performed together at New York’s Madison Square Garden in the same year. The partnership had deteriorated in 1994.

While on his way to record with BIG, Tupac was attacked and shot in Times Square. He accused Biggie and his manager Puff Daddy of being involved. Biggie released “Who Shot Ya” in the same year, which was largely seen as a diss track by Tupac.

The feud has become the focal point of a long-standing coastal camp that dates back to at least 1991 and 1995. At that year’s New York Source Awards, Serge Knight, the CEO of Los Angeles-based Death Row records, punched Puff Daddy’s label The Bad Boy Records. Later, he signed Pac and helped him get out of jail.

Pac has appeared on a number of tracks aimed at Bad Boy artists such as BIG. While filming the “New York” music video in New York City at the end of the year, the West Coast group Hot Dog Pound was attacked. Tupac was tragically killed in a shooting in Las Vegas in September 1996, ending the battle.

BIG was killed in a shooting in Los Angeles six months later. Both artists were at the peak of their careers.

50 cents against Rick Ross

Rick Ross and 50 cents are stuck in a legal dispute in which 50 cents could be forced to pay $ 5 million according to the story that seems too scandalous to be true. The two had a fight since the 2009 BET Awards when 50 cents would have given Rick Ross the wrong look and have been at odds ever since.

50 cents sparked the feud when she posted a video in 2010 of Ross’s little mom, Lestonia Levinson, getting intimate with her ex-boyfriend Maurice Murray. 50 cents falsified the footage by putting itself on the tape and then posting it online. In a kind of strange and misogynistic retaliation against Ross in 2010, Levinson filed an emotionally distressed lawsuit that was finally settled at trial with 50 cents sentenced to pay Levinson 5 million.

50 cent then filed for bankruptcy in order to limit the amount of damage it could cause.

Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj

How quickly things changed. Brawls by rappers were common in recording studios and on street corners in the 1990s and early 2000s. They were performing at Harper’s Bazaar New York Fashion Week party in 2018 when Cardi B would launch her shoe. to Nicki Minaj and attempted to assault her there.

The heel throw event was the turning point in a conflict that had been smoldering for years under a veil of media denials. The two New York rappers collaborated on the songs and exchanged love tweets, but the reports of some remained. Cardi B punched Nicki Minaj during her song about Migos motorsport, but later denied any animosity in interviews.

Pusha T and Drake

Drake and Pusha T have a long history of feuds. Drake was a target due to his ties to Little Wayne. The feud between Drake and Pusha began to take hold in 2011. Pusha T released “Don’t act with me”, a song that sampled Drake’s dreams that money can buy in which Drake supposedly disguises Pusha in a subliminal way.

In 2012, Push released Exodus 23: 1. On your favorite rapper, Pusha T shot Lil Wayne and Drake reacted with a promise of violence on Tuscan Leather from his 2013 album “Nothing was the same”.

With two birds one stone, Drake targeted Pusha T’s drug dealing story in 2016. Pusha T then released Infrared, a track from his 2018 Daytona album, reigniting the feud between him and Drizzy.

Drake was punished by Push for employing ghost knights in retaliation. Drake released freestyle Duppy which targeted both Pusha T and Kanye West. Adion’s story was later published by Push. Drake is seen in blackface in an old photo shoot for the single’s artwork. The song attracted a lot of attention and elicited a lot of responses, especially from hip-hop fans.

When Pusha revealed that Drake had a secret son, it was one of the most breathtaking lines on the album. Drake later stated that he has a son on his 2018 Scorpion album track “Emotionless” and March 14. Drizzy and Sophie Brousseau, a former adult movie star, have a son named Adonis. Drake stated in 2019 that he had no desire to reconcile with Pusha T.

On a leaked Pop Smoke song last year, the Virginia lyricist seemed to have trash Aubry and Drake also left a few limited lines on Hedy’s only you freestyle. This beef was never officially set aside, but is currently dormant.

Nicki minaj vs Lil Kim

It didn’t take long for the petty music business to draw parallels between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, who both have a penchant for extravagant clothes and controversy.

When Lil Kim’s attention was turned to Nicki Minaj, he accused her of stealing her look. The two were then involved in a diss track relay helped by their respective record labels. Without a doubt, after all, any advertisement is good advertisement.

Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun and Eminem Kelly’s dissatisfaction dates back to May 2012. It all started when MGK made a Twitter comment about Eminem’s daughter Haley after a photo of Haley went viral. In October 2015, MGK accused Eminem of banning him from shadow satellite radio station 45 during an interview on his second album.