October 20, 2021

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The biggest mistakes you can make while visiting Ukraine

The biggest mistakes you can make while visiting Ukraine


Surely an inexperienced traveler can make many mistakes in the new country. What mistakes can you make in Ukraine?

  1. Expect people to speak English. Yes, the language barrier is a big problem and you need to be prepared that sometimes even in hotels and restaurants people don’t speak English. Especially if you are not in Kiev. So prepare at least one online translator.
  2. Come to Ukraine without booking hotels or apartments. If this is a big city, you will surely find some hotels. But first, you’ll be spending money on taxiing from one to the other and asking about the room, and second: the price can be high. The best seats with the best prices are always booked in advance.
  3. Use international roaming. It will cost you so much, and I’m still not sure of the speed. Better to buy a SIM card with 20GB of Internet for around $ 8.
  4. Talk to strangers on the street. It is very easy to spot foreigners among Ukrainians, so usually the people who come to you – they want to scam you in some way.
  5. Expect Ukrainian girls to dream of marriage to a foreigner. This is just a huge marketing promotion from online dating sites. In fact, many guys have been disappointed that the girl doesn’t want to talk to them at all. even in night clubs.