June 19, 2021

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Teyana Taylor wants to play Dionne Warwick in a potential series – TMZ – Tell It Like It News

Here’s the deal … Dionne’s latest Twitter fun involved launching Netflix on a series about her life and career, and made it clear that she would only like to see Teyana as her. The next thing you know … the 2 singers were discussing it.

Our sources tell us Dionne contacted Civil Karen, a member of Teyana’s team, and Karen connected them by phone. We’re told DW and TT have been talking about Dionne’s bio series ideas for a while, and Teyana has expressed her desire to play the part.

Teyana doesn’t just want to play the lead role, we’re also told that she and DW have discussed producing the series through TT’s production company, “The Aunties Production”.

With Teyana aboard, our sources say Dionne and her son, Damon, I feel that TT is just like family now.

For now, we’re told Netflix has expressed interest in a potential series … but Dionne’s family is still working on the logistics. Recruiting Teyana was their first priority, though.

If it materializes, it will be a milestone for both women: from a production point of view for Teyana and for Dionne … her first biographical series.

Let’s make it happen, people!