July 29, 2021

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Tesla: full autonomous driving subscription available

Elon Musk announced it again and again, now it’s there: the FSD subscription. Tesla presents various pricing models for this: the monthly price goes down if the customer has already invested in the autonomous driving system.

The “Full Self-Driving” subscription package costs 199 euros per month in the USA for all models with “Basic Autopilot” equipment. These are pretty much all new Tesla types. This is based on update information provided by the vehicle manufacturer, Electrek reports. $ 99 / month is the fee for those who previously purchased the Enhanced Autopilot package. The discontinued package in the US has already received features which have since migrated to the FSD offering. Anyone who owns a Tesla without any autopilot software (HW 3.0 version) can also subscribe, but has to pay $ 1,500 for a computer upgrade. The “Full Self-Driving” offer, marketed in Germany under the more realistic name “Full Potential for Autonomous Driving”, was previously bookable for the vehicle with a one-time payment of $ 10,000. In this country there is still no subscription offer, the “full potential” still costs 7,500 euros one-off.

Tesla already offers the subscription in the app. It costs $ 199 per month for most US customers. (Screenshot Tesla / Electrek.co)

Often announced subscription, now a reality

Elon Musk had already announced the change of subscription for the end of 2020. Other statements were “definitely in the second quarter of 2021” and it was “a sure thing” in May. He later linked the introduction date with the launch of version 9 of the “Full Self-Driving” beta. The update came out this week. Now, as announced, the group has changed the payment method to monthly amounts. Musk had announced quite often that the software would soon enable autonomous driving (level 5). In the end, however, it is still partially automated driving (autonomous driving level 2). Some buyers were disappointed to add a product to the car that never lived up to high expectations and ads. This could be one more reason to introduce the subscription. So you can try the drive system and cancel it if it doesn’t meet expectations. Musk came back last and tweeted that it was harder to pull off than expected.

The FSD offers at $ 199 per month

The assistant – The package includes “autopilot” navigation, automatic lane change, parking, calling, “full computer on the go” and control of traffic lights and stop lights. Ultimately, Tesla is working to teach the system to drive at level 5, and the buyers of the package are counting on the success of the electric car pioneer. Observers estimate that the price could increase if FSD version 9 were made available to a wider audience.

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